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Mike Pence Just Made Up A Fake Thomas Jefferson Quote To Sell Trumpcare On Fox (WATCH)

Mike Pence Just Made Up A Fake Thomas Jefferson Quote To Sell Trumpcare On Fox (WATCH)

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When a person lies as frequently as Vice President Mike Pence, it can be difficult to remember that some of those lies are very easily disproved.

Such was the case today when Pence appeared on President Trump’s favorite Republican propaganda show, Fox & Friends, to defend Senate Republicans’ last ditch effort to repeal Obamacare and its lifesaving protections. (Video below.)

Pence was actually asked a good question about Republicans’ insistence that Graham-Cassidy, the latest Trumpcare iteration, does not end preexisting condition protections even though it explicitly gives states the power to do exactly that.

Cohost Ainsley Earhardt asked Pence if he could “guarantee that these governors will make sure pre-existing conditions are covered?”

Pence could not. Rather than acknowledging the fact however, Pence pivoted, saying, “Thomas Jefferson said, ‘Government that governs least governs best.’”

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Thomas Jefferson said no such thing.

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The Thomas Jefferson Society called the quote, which has been used as a defense of libertarian nonsense for decades, “spurious.”

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Pence used the quote as a launching pad to delve into a fallacy that the federal government controls healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, when the reality is that the law ensures local providers and ensurers keep costs affordable and vital treatment remains accessible.

After pivoting away from the question, Pence returned to the substance and told another bald-faced lie, saying the bill “contains all the same protections for preexisting conditions as the president has said.”

Unequivocally — and unsurprisingly — false. And while Trump may not understand what’s in the bill, Pence knows full well and lied anyway.

Pence is just as bold in his deceit as Trump himself, but he is a smoother liar. And that makes him all the more dangerous.

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