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Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter’s extramarital affairs were just revealed in Justice Dept. filing

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter’s extramarital affairs were just revealed in Justice Dept. filing

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The fountain of Republican corruption never ceases to flow freely.

The latest example comes with new developments in the investigation of campaign finance shenanigans by Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA).

Hunter was one of two GOP members to the House of Representatives already under indictment for corruption by the Justice Department who were allowed to continue their runs for Congress in the 2018 mid-term elections.

That they both won their contests demonstrates either the complete lack of concern over their alleged crimes by their constituents or an unwavering belief in the denials of guilt that the congressmen continually professed.

Now it appears that the chickens have come home to roost for Congressman Hunter as the sordid details of his alleged illegal use of his campaign money come to light.

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Hunter, along with his wife Margaret, was accused last year of embezzling $250,000 in campaign funds during the course of his several years in Congress.

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While denying the charges as a politically motivated attack on him as he sought to return to office for another term, Hunter drew additional national attention to his case by placing the blame for the misuse of the campaign funds entirely on his wife, who also served as his campaign manager.

Hunter’s decision to metaphorically throw his wife under the bus to save himself from the allegations of corruption was not the last strange twist in the case, however.

In an indication that the Hunter marriage was not the picture perfect union that politicians love to project, Margaret Hunter accepted a plea deal with federal prosecutors earlier this month wherein she pleaded guilty to a single count of corruption, named her husband as a co-conspirator, and pledged to fully cooperate with the prosecution.

One of the potential reasons for Mrs. Hunter’s eagerness to negotiate her own legal fate became apparent in a Justice Department filing in the case yesterday.

In a move to shut down Congressman Hunter’s claims that his prosecution was a politically motivated witch hunt — rather than a mundane case of the avaricious looting of funds meant solely for campaign purposes — prosecutors revealed details of their investigation that showed how the hypocritical conservative representative betrayed his marriage vows as much as he violated campaign finance regulations.

The Justice Department prosecutors want to make sure that Duncan Hunter can’t utilize the tactics — frequently employed by President Trump — of poisoning the pool of potential jurors by spouting wildly paranoid conspiracy theories about a secret “deep state” vendetta against him by anti-conservative forces.

Brad Heath, the Washington Justice and Investigations Editor for USA Today, posted a lengthy Twitter thread with excerpts of the prosecutors’ court filings rebutting Hunter’s accusations.

It was, however, the allegations that Congressman Hunter used his campaign’s bank account to help finance “intimate” encounters with multiple extramarital affairs that explained why perhaps his wife was so cooperative with the prosecution team.

The prosecutors document five of Hunter’s infidelities in such great detail that Hunter will have trouble arguing his innocence, particularly with his wife now working to help the case against him.

Congressman Hunter may continue to try to claim a vast left-wing conspiracy against him, but the evidence prosecutors have amassed at this point is leading to what looks like a slam dunk case of campaign finance violations against him.

The Republican fountain of corruption runneth over.

Let justice be served and a new election called — hopefully one in which voters will reject the malfeasance of the GOP and put another progressive candidate in Congress to replace this poor excuse for a representative.

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Original reporting by Josh Israel at ThinkProgress.

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