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Megan Rapinoe’s teammate jumps to her defense after Trump’s morning attack with heroic tweet

Megan Rapinoe’s teammate jumps to her defense after Trump’s morning attack with heroic tweet

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If President Trump thought that he got the last word in his feud with the United States Women’s National Soccer Team and their co-captain Megan Rapinoe with his tweet earlier today inviting the rising Women’s World Cup stars to the White House, he was sadly mistaken.

Shortly after the president posted his extended Twitter thread on the subject, one of Rapinoe’s teammates quickly rose to her squad co-captain’s defense and swore to join her in boycotting any Oval Office fast food feast that Trump may be planning on their behalf.

USWNT defender Ali Krieger displayed a righteous sense of feminist anger at President Trump’s attitude towards women with an accurate claim that the president is easily angered by females whom he cannot “control or grope” in her tweeted reply to Trump’s face-saving invitation.

Kreiger is an out lesbian who recently announced her engagement to her teammate on both the USWNT and the Orlando Pride, goalie Ashlyn Harris.

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Kreiger explicitly states the reasons for her declination of what was once considered an honor before President Trump took control of the Oval Office and made his invitations to his White House victory celebrations into virtual commercials for the nations largest fast food chains.

Rather than out of revulsion at the implicit insult of Trump’s predictable catering choices, it is the administration’s horrific policies on immigration, human rights, and LGBTQ+ issues that led Kreiger to stand by her teammate’s decision to deny the president of the pleasure of their attendance.

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As the president flies off to join the leaders of the world’s largest economies at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan today, the fact that Trump has the free time and spare mental capacity to waste time on Twitter feuds with sports stars merely proves his unsuitability for the presidency.

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Yet, for Trump, any media distraction that takes public attention away from the serious issues that Kreiger enumerates in her tweet, along with the multiple congressional investigations into his administration’s many misdeeds, is a net positive in his eyes.

Let’s all wish the United States Women’s National Soccer Team luck in their quest to win the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Unlike Trump, their victory, if they manage to achieve it, will come without any foreign assistance.

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