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The only black Republican in the House just schooled his party on how not to be “racist assh*les”

The only black Republican in the House just schooled his party on how not to be “racist assh*les”

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It’s no accident that our president is a virulent racist. The Republican Party that foisted him into the White House is absolutely riddled with bigots of every vile creed imaginable, with many GOP voters fueled by little more than frothing racial animus when they step into the ballot-box. It’s a problem that seems to be spreading and metastasizing rather than improving, and hopefully means the party’s days are numbered as younger, less prejudiced Americans come of voting age.

Now, it appears that at least one Republican Congressman thinks his party is doomed for the dustbin of history if it remains on its current path. Washington Blade reports that Representative Will Hurd (R-TX) is sounding the alarm about the negative effects ingrained bigotry are having on his party.

Hurd, the sole African-American GOP member in the House of Representatives, spoke at an event held by the Republican LGBT organization Log Cabin Republicans. He pointed out that in most parts of America if you’re at least 40 years old “you have to whisper that you’re Republican.”

The Congressman said that the GOP is “shrinking” and failing to grow in many of the “largest parts of our country.” Hopefully, he’s right. The last thing this nation needs is more Republican politicians voted into office where they can exacerbate climate change and funnel more wealth to the super-rich.

From there, Hurd went on to explain why he thinks the party is diminishing:

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“Why is that? I’ll tell you. It’s real simple. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be a racist. Don’t be a misogynist, right? Don’t be a homophobe. These are real basic things that we all should learn when we were in kindergarten,” said Hurd.

Despite Hurd’s commendable words, it seems unlikely that the GOP will correct course any time soon. His party remains lockstep behind Donald Trump despite the constant stream of filth spewing from the president’s mouth.

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The Republican Party is home to execrable men like Rep. Steve King of Iowa who previously questioned whether or not white nationalism is actually a bad thing. The Republican Party looks to be beyond saving at this point and until they undergo an existential, structural change Americans have a moral responsibility to vote for Democrats.

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