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Trump just angrily lashed out at the media in defense of his “chosen one” comment

Trump just angrily lashed out at the media in defense of his “chosen one” comment

While Donald Trump is off preparing to offend other world leaders at the G7 summit in France this weekend, his phone and Twitter finger are still at the ready to blast the world with his pronouncements — just a day after his tweets precipitated a drastic fall in the stock markets with his announcement of an escalation of his fiscally irresponsible trade war with China and an “order” to American businesses to cease doing business with the country.

A pattern is emerging from Trump’s virtual avalanche of daily tweets. He makes some grandly outrageous statement hoping to gain the public support of his diminishing base and then — once he realizes that he’s offended and alienated more people than he’s attracted — walks back his statements in an attempt to gaslight the public into thinking that they’re the crazy ones for taking his comments seriously.

After being thoroughly lambasted as a blasphemous idolator and even labeled the Anti-christ by declaring himself the “King of Israel” and “the chosen one“, Trump tried to paint the whole incident as a joke and attacked the media with a blatant lie about his demeanor as he made the statement before a press scrum at the White House.

Nice try, Donald, but lordy, there are tapes.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself if you discern even a small upturn of the corners of the president’s mouth as he speaks, anything at all resembling a smile.

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Listen to the tone of his voice. Is that the sound of a jocular exchange?  Or is it the pathetic bleatings of a cornered and desperate man who knows that a jumpsuit matching his complexion will be waiting for him if he does not succeed in deceiving enough people — or manipulating the voting process — to achieve reelection?

No more trust, indeed!

With serious questions being raised even by long-time Republicans about Trump’s mental health, one can’t be sure if he is writing his tweets himself or if they are being composed by White House aides tasked with protecting the president from the revelation of the extent of his mental deterioration.

America deserves a president who means what they say and says what they mean, not a backsliding flip-flopper who jumps from one excuse to another to cover-up his delusional mental lapses.

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