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Queen Elizabeth reportedly said her lawn was “ruined” after Trump’s visit to Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth reportedly said her lawn was “ruined” after Trump’s visit to Buckingham Palace

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If the Queen of England has her druthers, Donald Trump will never be invited back to Buckingham Palace again…at least not in his helicopter.

While Trump was attending the G-7 summit in Biarritz, France, this weekend, one of Great Britain’s most prominent newspapers, The Sunday Times, published a report on Queen Elizabeth II revealing her displeasure with the state of the royal lawn at London’s Buckingham Palace after Donald Trump insisted on flying into Buckingham Palace by helicopter twice in one day.

While a tight time schedule was ostensibly given as the reason for the necessity of the airborne transport to visit her royal majesty, many observers believe the real reason for the transportation choice was to prevent Trump from having to witness the massive demonstrations by London residents lining the streets to protest his policies, his visit, and everything else about him.

According to The Sunday Times, Queen Elizabeth was angry enough about the damage to her finely kept lawn to complain to another world leader about the incident. When Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived at the palace not long after Trump’s departure, the Queen escorted him to the lawn to assess the damage.

“Come and look at my lawn. It’s ruined,”  she reportedly exclaimed.

The lawn plays a large role in the Queen’s entertainment agenda as the site of her annual garden parties, and any damage to it is obviously quite concerning to her. Trump’s multiple helicopter visits upset her by leaving “scorch marks” and other forms of damage on the lawn.

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That the Queen even allowed the helicopters to land at the palace was already a diplomatic gift to Trump, since, when the U.S. government requested permission for six helicopters to land at Windsor Castle to accommodate then-President Barack Obama’s visit to the monarch for her 90th birthday, she insisted on only allowing a smaller number of aircraft to land in order to protect her lawns.

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One would think that someone who owns as many golf courses as Donald Trump does would have a more developed sense of respect for the health of large swaths of grass…and better manners to boot. With an environmental record like Trump’s, however, respect is not a word that often is used to describe his attitude towards nature.

This is the man who wants to nuke hurricanes after all.

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Original reporting by Rosamund Urwin and Roya Nikkhah at The Sunday Times.

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