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Farmers just erupted at the Iowa Corn Growers Association’s summit over Trump’s China trade war

Farmers just erupted at the Iowa Corn Growers Association’s summit over Trump’s China trade war

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Elect an incompetent man to lead your government and you get an incompetent government. This basic truth is something that Trump supporters have been forced to grapple with since their orange messiah ascended to the Oval Office and immediately began destroying everything he came into contact with.

While some have chosen to double down in the face of his glaring failures rather than admit they were terribly, historically, embarrassingly wrong about him, others are slowly coming to terms with the grim reality.

Rural Americans showed up in force for Donald Trump, but now The Hill reports that the Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) has come out with a surprisingly strong statement aimed at the administration. The group is taking issue with the president’s pet trade war with China, as well as his approval of numerous refinery waivers which they call “unjustified.”

WHO Radio reports that delegates and members showed up to the ICGA’s Annual Grassroots Summit to “express their anger” about the increasing difficulties they are experiencing trying to make a living amidst an escalating trade war and dipping agricultural profits.

The ICGA is asking its members to take direct action and asked them to “stand up for your farm and family by telling the Trump Administration to stop gutting the RFS [Renewable Fuel Standard] and to make it right for corn farmers. We need a solution for the sake of rural America. Click here to submit a letter to the President. Submit your comments before the August 30 deadline.”

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The RFS is a federal program that dictates that transportation fuel contain a minimum percentage of renewable fuels. In the case of these farmers, that means ethanol. The struggle over the RFS took a contentious turn after the Trump administration decided to side with oil interests over corn farmers.

“Agriculture is in one hell of a bad situation right now. The government put us in this situation, and they need to help us get out of it. It’s time for President Trump to make rural America and the RFS great again. He made promises to American farmers and now it’s time for him to keep them,” said corn farmer Vic Miller in a statement on

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Hopefully, these farmers are coming to realize that whatever ideological affinities they might feel towards Trump do not justify continued support for his ruinous tenure as president. The man has no real understanding of trade or macroeconomics and is guided solely by his ego.

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If he remains in power he will continue to hit hardworking Americans right in their pocketbooks,

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