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A New York county Republican Party just sparked outrage with wildly anti-Semitic ad

A New York county Republican Party just sparked outrage with wildly anti-Semitic ad

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Republicans have spent the past few weeks screaming themselves hoarse about how Muslim Democratic Congresswomen are “anti-Semites” for their appropriate criticisms of Israel’s appalling human rights record — but it doesn’t take much searching to find out which party the real anti-Semites in America support.

The Rockland County GOP of New York is under fire after producing and releasing a wildly anti-Semitic attack ad that paints Hasidic Jews as the “other” and a threat while flashing pictures of white children in a dog-whistle that even the deaf can hear loud and clear.

“Aron Wieder and his Ramapo bloc are plotting a takeover…if they win, we lose” booms a dramatic voice amid painfully cheesy stock photos of storms. The entire thing is reminiscent of an eighth-grade video project by some teenagers that spend too much time on 4chan.

The video was hastily pulled from Facebook after attracting the attention of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who issued a blistering statement in response:

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“This video is deeply disturbing and should be removed and condemned immediately by the Rockland County Republican Party. To clearly state that members of the Jewish community are a threat to families and our safety and that they must be stopped is despicable and completely unacceptable. Attacking those who are different than we are only breeds hate and makes us weaker. We must all stand together to denounce this hateful video.”

It truly boggles the mind to consider what kind of a brain and what kind of beliefs one must have to think this video was acceptable to publish and associate with your political party, especially in the current political climate.

Anti-Semitism on the right has escalated drastically since President Trump took office; the day after the election was marked by swastikas spray-painted in different locations across the country and his first few weeks in office dominated by bomb threats called into Jewish community centers. 

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Since then, two right-wing anti-Semitic terror attacks have been carried out at American synagogues and anti-Semitic hate crimes have soared to the highest level in two decades, the vast majority of them linked to white supremacy.

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This partially explains the conservative media machine’s fervency in attempting to paint Democrats as the “real” anti-Semites — but you can always count on a Republican to tell on themselves.

Original reporting by Cathy Burke at the NY Daily News.

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