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CNN’s Jim Acosta just busted Trump for golfing after canceling his Poland trip because of Dorian

CNN’s Jim Acosta just busted Trump for golfing after canceling his Poland trip because of Dorian

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Perhaps we all missed the clause in the Constitution that outlined the duties of the President of the United States to primarily include spending his mornings watching cable news coverage and retweeting posts on Twitter, but that’s exactly what Donald Trump did this morning in a spree of over 50 posts on the social media platform.

The only difference that distinguished this morning from every other of his presidency was the sheer volume of the posts and the fact that a large percentage of them concerned the approaching category-4 hurricane Dorian which is threatening the southeastern United States with 150 MPH winds and predicted devastating storm surges of up to 15 feet.

With his treasured Mar-A-Lago resort still potentially in the path of expected destruction, Trump was following the storm’s path with unusually attentive detail. While people may not have realized when they voted for Trump that they would get the added bonus of a running live tweet feed of the Weather Channel — or more likely the Fox News coverage of the hurricane — that’s exactly what we’ve wound up with as Trump passed along posts from the National Hurricane Center mapping the storm’s latest projected path and from the Florida Health Department and Division of Emergency Management listing evacuation shelters and preparation tips.

Trump even canceled his scheduled trip to Poland using the impending storm as his excuse — although after his calamitous performance at the G-7 conference in France recently, he may truthfully have been merely weary of being outclassed by foreign leaders and found Dorian to be a convenient excuse.

Yet for all of Trump’s supposed concern for the pending emergency — concern that excluded Puerto Rico which luckily escaped the worst brunt of the then-still developing storm — CNN‘s Jim Acosta, one of the president’s favorite media nemeses, busted Trump for how he was really planning to spend his Labor Day weekend rather than being surrounded by FEMA officials overseeing planning the disaster response that is forecast to be overwhelmingly necessary.

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Of course, he did. In a taxpayer-funded helicopter, no less, just days after complaining about having had to deliver disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico two years ago after Hurricane Maria while massively overstating the amount of money that the federal government actually sent to the U.S. commonwealth.

Luckily, thanks to mobile technology, citizens in the affected areas can still get live updates from the president on the state of the upcoming storm…in between rounds and as he rides his presidential golf cart from the tee.

At least, he’s not being totally wasteless.

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