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As national crises escalate, Trump just dunked on Debra Messing over her fundraiser criticism

As national crises escalate, Trump just dunked on Debra Messing over her fundraiser criticism

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The scattershot mind of Donald Trump reveals its daily obsessions through his Twitter feed.

Given the prodigious number of posts that Trump makes each day, clear themes emerge:

Hurricane = Bad and dangerous. (It still may hit Mar-a-Lago.)

The border wall = Good. (But the old six-foot border fence = Bad.)

Former FBI Director James Comey = Bad and crooked. (And he’s got Fox News quotes to prove it.)

Tariffs = Good. (Even though he lies about who pays for them.)

China = Bad.

Mass shootings = Bad. (But not enough for more comprehensive gun regulations.)

First responders = Good.

Lawrence O’Donnell and mainstream media = Bad and “Fake News”. (As is anyone who dares to criticize the stewing mass of hotly pulsating unrestrained ego and creeping dementia resident in the White House.)

None of the above is particularly new, except perhaps for Trump’s new fondness for retweeting weather maps from every imaginable source as he tracks the progress of Hurricane Dorian in his PJs.

Every once in a while, however, a new topic creeps into the president’s Twitter feed as an outlier subject, usually inspired by something that raised Trump’s ire and initiated a new vendetta that he feels necessary to pursue.

Today the unexpected target of Trump’s venom was actress Debra Messing, one of the stars of Will and Grace — a show that airs on NBC, the same network that once catapulted Donald Trump to fame beyond the confines of the New York real estate market by installing him as the host of The Apprentice.

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Messing offended the president by calling on The Hollywood Reporter — one of the entertainment industry’s most influential trade publications — to reveal the names of any industry player who attends Trump’s scheduled Emmy week fundraiser in Beverly Hills later this month, presumably to shame and ostracize them in the notoriously progressive Hollywood political scene.

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Despite the looming hurricane, the trade wars, the emergency on the border of his own making, and the continuing Congressional investigations into his behavior as revealed by Comey and the Mueller report, Trump couldn’t let Messing’s tweet pass without retaliation because, well, he’s just that kind of reprehensible guy.

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It’s amazing what two and half years of destroying a country will do to people’s reaction to you, even if they’ve been professionally polite to you in the past. Trump’s pettiness — and his willingness to divert his attention from matters that a normal president would be focusing their full attention upon — knows no bounds.

Unfortunately, Trump’s behavior — his tantrums, his disregard for the rule of law, his overall soul-sucking malevolence — has become so overwhelming that people have become all but inured to how much of a departure from normality it truly is.

How times have changed, indeed!

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