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“Colombia, you said?” Trump just revealed his big foreign policy fail in revealing interview

“Colombia, you said?” Trump just revealed his big foreign policy fail in revealing interview

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It’s a holiday weekend so you have a perfectly valid excuse if you missed this prime example of Donald Trump’s total and utter lack of qualifications for the office of the President of the United States.

Trump was speaking with reporters outside the White House on Friday afternoon when Voice of America correspondent Bricio Segovia asked him about the recent developments in Columbia where the former political chief of the demobilized left-wing guerrilla group FARC called for his former colleagues to abandon the peace agreement that they struck with the Columbian government and return to armed struggle after the government allegedly failed to fulfill their end of the deal.

Segovia may as well have been discussing the nuances of quantum physics as far as Trump was concerned. The clueless president’s response made it obvious that he had been thrown in the deep end of the foreign policy pool without any sort of flotation device and obviously had no knowledge of how to keep from drowning.

CNN reporter and scrupulous fact-checker Daniel Dale thankfully provided a transcript of the exchange that allows you to imagine Trump as the third-grader called upon by the teacher to give a report on that book that they obviously hadn’t read.

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Trump might as well have replied:

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“Well, you see there’s these two kids, Dick and Jane, and they have this dog, Spit, no, Spot, and they’re really good friends of mine. I would say I’m the best friend they have, the best friend because they really appreciate everything i”ve done for them since we’ve known each other. Anyway, they have this problem with a bully, so they have to run. See it says right here: run, Dick, run. But me and them, we have a great relationship! They don’t have to run from me.”

Trump’s presidency is as farcical as his dim-witted intellect would indicate. No wonder Russian President Vladimir Putin chose him as his “useful idiot.” He has the perfect skills and C.V. to fulfill that role. Too bad he doesn’t have the level of intelligence needed and expected to execute the role of president of the United States.

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And, in case you were thinking to yourself: “well, no matter, the U.S. Ambassador to Columbia will surely help Trump figure out how to respond to the latest developments in that country once Trump finishes his next round of golf,” let us remind you that the president requested the resignation of Obama’s Ambassador to the South American nation shortly after he took office and then took two and a half years to get a replacement confirmed, something that happened just a month ago.

Worst. President. EVER!

Forget about mandatory disclosure of tax returns for every presidential candidate going forward. What we really need is the mandatory disclosure of verified IQ scores!

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Original reporting by Adriaan Alsema at Columbia Reports.

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