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Ocasio-Cortez just chastised a Republican Rep. for bragging about how he gives guns to his buddies

Ocasio-Cortez just chastised a Republican Rep. for bragging about how he gives guns to his buddies

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As America suffers from an endless and grisly parade of mass shootings, Republicans continue to reject even the most moderate, common-sense gun legislation, so beholden are they to NRA donor dollars and their firearm fetishist constituents.

At this point, one can’t help but presume that there is no tragedy so heinous, no body count so high that the GOP would feel compelled to finally take action. The only real option is to vote enough Democrats into office that they can pass reasonable laws without Republican sandbagging.

This morning, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) took to Twitter and once again demonstrated how grossly unprepared and unsuited the GOP is to address the gun problem.

Crenshaw—himself a veteran with the personal experience with firearms that comes with it and as such someone who should know better—tweeted out a story of a young woman foiling a robbery by using her handgun. While the original story is one of the few positive stories we hear about firearms and showcases one of the handful of legitimate reasons for owning one, it was quickly spun by Crenshaw into something quite different.

The representative lauded the woman and then inserted a shocking “side note.” He said that universal background checks—which a Gallop poll from 2015 reveals 86% of Americans favor—would prevent him from letting his friends “borrow” his handgun while traveling, something he obviously should not be doing in the first place. 

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The cavalier way in which he flaunted his incredibly unsafe gun practices, rather than accomplishing what he wanted and showing why we don’t need more gun laws, proves that even elected officials like him engage in behavior that shows they can’t be fully trusted to own any and all guns they want.

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a strong advocate for smarter gun legislation, saw Crenshaw’s odious, self-serving tweet and immediately jumped into the ring with him.

“You are a member of Congress. Why are you “lending” guns to people unsupervised who can’t pass a basic background check,” she tweeted, trying to inject some sense of shame into the man.

Her point is a valid one. An elected official more than anyone should be especially careful about upholding the law and practicing gun safety. Crenshaw’s tweet implies that he views deadly weapons the same way one would umbrellas or lawnmowers, lending them out casually to friends.

AOC pointed out that people who can’t pass background checks are likely violent individuals who should not have access to firearms at all. Indeed, many mass shooters have histories of domestic abuse.

“Why on earth would you do that?” she ended the tweet, voicing the outrage and genuine confusion most of us surely felt when we first read Crenshaw’s tweet. Clearly, something must be done about guns and clearly Republicans will not be the ones to do it.

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