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Steve King just claimed he drank from toilets in gross defense of detention camp conditions

Steve King just claimed he drank from toilets in gross defense of detention camp conditions

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Steve King, Iowa’s most notorious white nationalist-supporting Congressman, really has no filters when it comes to disseminating anti-immigrant propaganda, often making statements so far to the right that they garner the kind of condemnation that led to his being stripped of all of his committee assignments by his normally racial offense-resistant Republican colleagues in the House.

Now, Representative King has outdone himself with a story he related at a recent town hall meeting in Eagle Grove, Iowa about his experience while visiting a migrant refugee center near the southern border.

King was apparently attempting to refute the stories told by those who have relayed tales of the horrendous conditions that the Trump administration has forced detainees to endure while they are held in captivity while awaiting their turn to appear in immigration courts.

His method of counteracting those revelations about the sub-standard conditions that these fellow human beings are being held under was to boast of drinking from a toilet at one migrant detention facility, something that his Democratic colleague Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed that refugees were being forced to do when she described the immigrant holding centers as akin to “concentration camps.”

NBC political reporter Maura Barrett tweeted a transcript of Representative King’s comments at the town hall where he explained his experience to his constituents and claimed that the toilet water was “actually pretty good.”

Apparently water from a stainless steel toilet is tastier than that from the lowly ceramic toilets most of us have at home.

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Congressman King may not have convinced anyone that the conditions at the detention facilities are sufficiently humane for a first world country to be holding its asylum seekers, but he did give reporters a wonderful opening question for their next interview with him:

“Congressman King, can you please tell us about your drinking habits? Your toilet water drinking habits in particular are what our readers want to hear about.”

The only thing that would benefit more from a filter than the toilet water in the Trump administration’s squalid private-profit generating detention facilities is Congressman King’s mouth. If only he could realize that and keep the private thoughts that pop into his brain to himself.

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