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Mental health experts consult with George Conway to explain Trump’s psychological decay

Mental health experts consult with George Conway to explain Trump’s psychological decay

America’s favorite “Never Trump” Republican continued his crusade to warn the country and his own party of the danger of Donald Trump’s mental illness.

Conservative Washington attorney George Conway — the husband of Senior White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway and presumably privy to many an insider’s tale of presidential behind-the-scenes behavior — posted a lengthy Twitter thread about the president’s evident mental disorder this morning, beginning with a link to a Business Insider article about how Oval Office aides are concerned about Trump’s erratic behavior.

Conway reached out to mental health professionals who follow him on Twitter, asking them to weigh in with their comments, which he immediately retweeted for the elucidation of the general public.

As expected, the diagnosis was as dismal as the prognosis.

Conway was especially impressed with the comments of the person behind the Twitter handle “AntiNarcopathyPharmD” — a self-described educator specializing in “narcissistic & antisocial personality disorders; the master manipulators, pathological liars and serial cheaters; the psychopaths and sociopaths” — and reposted an entire thread dedicated to the damning evaluation of the president’s psyche that the original tweeter made.

While “conscienceless,” “irreparably defective,” and “mentally unfit due to personality disorders” are uncannily accurate descriptions of Donald Trump and the persona he presents to the world, none of these are phrases that any sane person would feel are suitable traits for someone holding the office of President of the United States to possess.

While “AntiNarcopathyPharmD” and his colleagues may have warned us about Trump well before he was installed in office due to Vladimir Putin’s machinations, with the president’s behavior worsening daily, it’s time to heed the call of George Conway and the mental health professionals he quotes and remove Trump from office according to the provisions of the 25th Amendment as soon as possible.

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Original reporting by Tom Boggioni at RawStory.

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