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Trump just issued a transparent denial of guilt in Pence/Air Force visits to Trump resorts

Trump just issued a transparent denial of guilt in Pence/Air Force visits to Trump resorts

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Those of us of a certain age — or hard-core viewers of vintage TV shows on cable or the internet — surely remember the character of  Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes, the unlikely sitcom set in a Nazi prisoner of war camp. Sergeant Schultz was the character who frequently uttered the famous catchphrase “I know nothing, nothing!” when questioned by the allied prisoners or his commandant Colonel Klink about something or another going on at the Nazi internment camp.

Comparisons between Sergeant Schultz and Donald Trump will be inevitable today as the president included in his daily avalanche of tweets the following gem denying any involvement with scandal regarding the mysterious sudden frequency of U.S. Air Force personnel using a previously little-used Scottish airport as a refueling station and staying overnight at Trump’s nearby resort in Turnberry, Scotland.

Like the little child standing in the kitchen with shards of a broken cookie jar scattered in pieces around their feet while refusing to admit any involvement in the incriminating accident, Trump defies all reason and rationality with his blanket denial.

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The president’s guilty defensiveness has even led him to deny things that no has even accused him of — such as having an involvement with the local airport where the refueling of the U.S. aircraft was taking place despite the availability of a U.S. Air Force on the same route where the cost of fuel would be considerably cheaper than the commercial foreign airport near Turnberry.

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Given Trump’s noted penchant for projection — as well as mendacity — perhaps an investigation of the possibility of the existence of a kickback scheme with the airport where the more expensive fuel is being purchased should be in order for the Pentagon’s Inspector General.

Since Donald Trump’s presidency will also inevitably be compared to a Shakespearean tragedy, this is the president’s Hamlet moment: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Trump can deny any involvement in the scandal — which comes immediately on the heels of a similar controversy involving Vice-president Mike Pence’s ridiculous decision to stay at a Trump resort in Ireland halfway across the country from his Dublin meetings and commute by Airforce aircraft at taxpayer expense — however, his credibility with anyone other than his base is lower than the Mariana Trench.

Trump, naturally, denied that he had any involvement with the Vice-president’s decision as well.

While the president’s denial of responsibility for both the Pence debacle and the Air Force scandal was laughable, the tweet he posted immediately after those two was simply pathetic.

Perhaps the president needs to change the batteries on his administration achievement calculator since it is obviously not functioning properly and returning results that so differ from the reality of his dearth of positive accomplishments that only Trump himself refuses to question them.

Trump’s self-pity party demonstrates how far the GOP has fallen from its values of personal responsibility since its traditional stance on the issues that defined the Republican ethos were demolished by the president’s insurgent takeover of the party’s messaging.

Someday Trump may eventually realize that ZERO accomplishments deserve ZERO media credit. Luckily, the people know and that’s all that is important.

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