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Trump White House refused to let a Democratic mayor attend a ceremony honoring mass shooting first responders

Trump White House refused to let a Democratic mayor attend a ceremony honoring mass shooting first responders

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The Trump administration has once again demonstrated its trademark penchant for needless pettiness and cruelty by refusing to let Mayor Nan Whaley (D) of Dayton, Ohio visit the White House for a ceremony today dedicated to the police officers who bravely responded to the mass shooting which struck her city just last month.

Ten people were murdered and numerous others injured on August 4th when a gunman opened fire on a crowd outside a restaurant in Dayton. Police responded quickly and eliminated the shooter in under a minute, saving countless lives in the process. The six officers who attended the ceremony were awarded the Medal of Valor, a fitting tribute to their service.

While a ceremony such as this should be a completely nonpartisan event, Mayor Whaley has informed The Toledo Blade that her office reached out to the Trump administration and informed officials they’d “be happy to come” to the event. The president’s people responded that “it’s not going to work out this time,” making it clear that the mayor would not be welcome at the event.

Presumably, the shocking decision is directly rooted in the president’s decision to feud with Whaley in the aftermath of the shooting. After visiting Dayton, Trump lashed out at the mayor on Twitter, accusing her of misrepresenting the nature of his trip. It was unclear what exactly the president was referring to, and Whaley herself was confused by his sudden attack.

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“It’s discouraging when you work really hard to get bipartisan movement and even something like the medal of valor becomes so partisan,” Whaley said to The Toledo Blade.

Unfortunately, with this president, everything inevitably becomes partisan. The man divides, never unites. His loyalty is to his own ego first and foremost and if he thinks he’s been slighted or disrespected in any way it completely blinds him.

Any rational, reasonable leader would innately understand that coming together as a country in the wake of yet another tragic shooting is infinitely more important than cheap political vengeance, but Trump is neither rational nor reasonable. His behavior in this instance, as in so many others, is inexcusable. The fact that he still refuses to support sensible new gun legislation aimed at discouraging future shootings is equally beyond the pale.

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