Here’s a list of President Trump’s ten most offensive tweets about the 9/11 attacks

Today is the eighteenth anniversary of the devastating September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks – a day that will forever live in infamy. Nineteen Saudi Arabian hijackers from the terrorist group al-Qaeda and supported by figures within the Saudi monarchy took control of four civilian passenger planes, destroying the World Trade Center in New York and a wing of the Pentagon. Over three thousand Americans lost their lives on that black day, and the course of world history was changed forever.

President Donald Trump likes to talk about the September 11th attacks – so that he can talk about himself, or invoke absurd conspiracy theories like his claim that he saw “thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey” when the towers fell, or as an excuse to send out cheap attacks at people who dare to criticize him.

How any American could support a man who speaks so callously of such a dreadful day in our nation’s history is beyond any rational explanation.

Here’s a list of Donald Trump’s most offensive tweets about September 11th.

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