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Trump just claimed without evidence that he went down to Ground Zero to “help” out

Trump just claimed without evidence that he went down to Ground Zero to “help” out

Under the beady eyes of Donald Trump, the 18th anniversary of the tragic 9/11 attacks is already off to a rocky start. Much digital ink has materialized in the last few days about the outrageous decision by this administration to invite and then disinvite the Taliban to Camp David for peace talks. Normally, such a move would face heavy scrutiny under the best of circumstances but the utterly calloused choice to plan such talks on the week of 9/11 in particular understandably outraged millions of Americans.

The day itself isn’t shaping up to be much better for Trump. Already, the president has beclowned himself by making the bizarre threat that he would use weapons more powerful than nukes against anyone who tries to attack the United States despite the fact that no such weapons exist. In his attempt to sound tough he ended up sounding ridiculous.

On top of that, Trump is once again repeating his oft-cited claim that he personally went down to Ground Zero to help with the 9/11 rescue and relief efforts. While speaking at the Pentagon he said that “soon after” the planes hit the World Trade Center he took some “men who worked” for him and went down to the rubble to “try to help in any little way that we could.”

Donald Trump has tried to pass himself off as a hero in the past, stealing credit from the brave responders who actually raced to the site of the towers to help their fellow Americans. Many of these selfless people ended up dying at the time or later from health complications arising from their rescue efforts. Theirs are memories which should be treated with utmost reverence and for the president to claim himself amongst their ranks without merit is despicable.

As PolitiFact points out, there is absolutely no evidence that Trump actually went down to Ground Zero to help. Given what we know about this self-centered man and his near-pathological inability to feel empathy for anyone other than himself, it seems highly, highly, highly unlikely that he did what he claims he did. There is no one on this earth for whom Donald Trump would risk his own life.

This president’s only real 9/11 legacy is boasting at the time that the collapse of the twin towers meant he was now the owner of the tallest building in Manhattan.

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