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Twitter explodes with mockery after Trump appears to forget that he helped father his youngest son

Twitter explodes with mockery after Trump appears to forget that he helped father his youngest son

Donald Trump is a terrible father. For the proof of that, one need look no further than the oafish, cruel children he’s managed to raise. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are barely functioning homunculi of their father and Ivanka Trump—while not as obviously dimwitted as her brothers—is a walking monument to nepotism and incompetence.

It’s hardly surprising that Donald Trump, a man who has never shown any empathy for anyone other than himself, would end up being an utterly dismal parent. One can scarcely imagine a scenario in which a credibly accused rapist, lifelong conman, and avowed racist would have any real interest in raising good children. With that in mind, one must take the president’s justifications for a likely-soon-to-be-law ban on flavored e-cigarettes with a grain of salt.

The Trump administration announced today that the FDA plans to force flavored e-cigarette companies to stop selling their products in stores, ostensibly over health-related risks. Addressing the planned regulations today, President Trump claimed that he and First Lady Melania were in favor of restricting these particular smoking products because of the negative health effects they bring, particularly for children.

The idea that Trump, who in the past was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, actually cares about children is an assertion that falls apart after even a brief moment’s scrutiny. But the disingenuous concern he expressed today wasn’t even the most remarkable part of his e-cigarette comments.

At one point Trump was talking about First Lady Melania’s role in the new FDA measures and seemed to momentarily forget that Barron Trump is his son. He referred to his youngest child as Melania’s son, then quickly tried to correct course after realizing it sounded like he meant Barron was not also his son.

“That’s how the First Lady got involved. She’s got a son,” Trump explained. “Together, that’s a beautiful young man and she feels very strongly about it,” he added, seemingly remembering that the son in question shares his DNA.

The 13-year-old Barron is just a kid and deserves none of the ire or criticism that his vile older siblings have earned. He should be left alone to enjoy his childhood and hopefully grow up to be a far better man than his odious father. In fact, Trump seemingly forgetting that Barron is his son could be a good thing. The less he interacts with the boy, the less he’ll be able to negatively influence him and shape his personality.

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Check out the clip below.

Twitter quickly exploded with mockery of Trump.

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