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A Fox host just apologized after publicly fantasizing about shooting immigrants

A Fox host just apologized after publicly fantasizing about shooting immigrants

Ghoulish right-wing grifter Tomi Lahren has once again found herself in hot water over blatantly racist comments. During an appearance on Fox Business, Lahren openly fantasized about a scenario in which Americans could use their firearms on undocumented immigrants. The toxic cocktail of gun fetishism and xenophobic bloodlust presumably played well among the deranged Fox viewers at home who have convinced themselves that immigrants are coming to hurt them, but most who saw the clip were understandably horrified.

Julián Castro, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination and a dedicated advocate for immigrants, saw Lahren’s nauseating performance and shared the video on his Twitter, slamming her for her “disgusting, anti-immigrant rhetoric.” Castro pointed out that the comments are especially shameful considering that just over a month ago a white nationalist targeted Hispanics in El Paso, Texas and murdered twenty-two people in cold blood.

It cannot be stressed enough how right Castro is. Lahren and her reactionary Fox cronies are actively making this country a more dangerous place for immigrants and people of color. This constant stream of bigotry is flowing out of millions of television and gradually radicalizing conservatives to think that their lives are in danger and even convincing some of them that they must take violent action. Her comments are utterly inexcusable.

In response to the backlash, Lahren took to Twitter to “apologize” for her words but insisted she did not mean what she so clearly did. She claimed that she was simply trying to articulate a need for a “secure border” before doubling down on her fearmongering contention that people are crossing our southern border to “do us harm.”

Lahren added that she is “NOT advocating for violence against any person,” which is difficult to believe after watching the above clip. As is so often the case with Republicans caught in controversy her apology isn’t really an apology at all.

More importantly, there is no reason to believe she won’t dip her feet into racist waters the next time she appears on Fox. Hatred is an essential element of her brand and we should only expect more of the same from her in the future.

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