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Trump shamelessly cherry picks Washington Post article to butter himself up in Sunday tweet

Trump shamelessly cherry picks Washington Post article to butter himself up in Sunday tweet

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After spending the morning defending another senior federal official credibly accused of sexual predation — as he himself has been — Donald Trump turned his attention on Twitter to his Bizarro world role as a right-wing superhero, doing everything in his power to fight against truth, justice, and the American way.

Portraying his fight against the right of the free press to publish the facts about his criminal behavior — facts that Trump has done everything to try to conceal — as a successful and sacred mission, the president bragged about what his opponents worry most about — the lingering stench of corruption that will remain in the judicial system, unethically packed with conservative jurists, long after Trump is gone and his body has moved on to the state of active decomposition that his consciousness currently exhibits.

Trump’s rallying cry to his supporters may sound like a desperate howl from a wounded monster to those who haven’t partaken of his MAGA kool-aid, but the very fact that he has yet to be impeached — despite the voluminous number of offenses that would each warrant that political indictment on their own, much less when they are considered as a totality — lends credibility to his claim that he and his agenda are “Winning big.”

Remarkably, Trump’s next tweet praised one of the targets of his crusade against “Fake News,” after Trump misleadingly interpreted the gist of a story in The Washington Post about Democratic disunity — as that party’s candidates jockey for position in the presidential race — as positive for himself.

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Trump’s selective scanning of the story’s headlines and first few paragraphs, however, and the material omitted by the president’s strategic ellipses, demonstrate how his reading of the supposedly “positive front page story” varies from the clearly stated intent of the sentence from which he partially quotes.

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What Trump renders as “‘REPUBLICANS Have….Coalesced Around Trump.’…..” reads quite differently in its original context:

“Republicans, meanwhile, have largely coalesced around Trump, but it’s far from clear that the president has a winning message for 2020.”  (Italics added for emphasis and clarity.)

That Trump is a bit late in reading The Washington Post — busy as he is, selectively editing its content to suit his own purposes — is obvious from the days-old editorial he brings up in his next tweet.

The president jumps for joy and is even willing to withdraw his appellation of “Fake News” for the newspaper simply because one of its noted editorial columnists, immediately after this week’s Democratic debate, lamented the fact that the president was benefiting from internal policy squabbles among the candidates vying for the opportunity to topple him from his ill-begotten perch in the White House.

Here again, Trump misses the implicit criticism of his own candidacy in his eagerness to soak up the criticism of his Democratic opponents.

“Democrats are too earnest. They care too much. They’re too smart. They know too much,” Parker writes, before adding the back-handed compliment that while Trump “knew nothing” in the 2016 campaign, at least he kept voters amused.

Trump’s unique self-aggrandizing interpretation of the Post’s news coverage of his administration merely heightens the widely-held suspicions of his mental decline while living in a cerebral fantasy land of his own making. But, of course, given the president’s internal perceptual filters, any truthful analysis of his situation or behavior is blocked from his consciousness by psychological mechanisms that automatically label any eg0-deflating information as “Fake News.”

It’s high time to reclaim the definition of the phrase and apply it to where it truly belongs — the stream of lies promulgated by Trump and his ever-so-loyal Republican coalition.

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Original reporting by Rebecca Klar at The Hill.

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