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A Senator’s letter proves FBI was informed of new allegations against Kavanaugh last fall but failed to investigate

A Senator’s letter proves FBI was informed of new allegations against Kavanaugh last fall but failed to investigate

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A bombshell letter which was sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray recently surfaced revealing details of a confidential allegation of sexual assault by a highly respected think tank president against Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings last year.

Early this morning, Los Angeles Times investigative journalist Jackie Calmes first reported about the existence of a letter from Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) detailing an unreported complaint against “Justice” Brett Kavanaugh from Max Stier, the president of the Partnership for Public Service nonpartisan think-tank from their time at Yale University together. The Washington Post obtained a copy of the letter from Coons to Wray later this morning.

But it appears that the FBI didn’t investigate the new allegations or interview Stier, despite having already been in the middle of an investigation into Kavanaugh’s drunken past.

“Stier was one of several people who went to Yale at the same time as Kavanaugh who reached out to the FBI last year seeking to provide information, but they were not interviewed, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Sen. Coons’ office confirmed that the Washington lawyer Stier did indeed give them a complaint, but stated that he requested confidentiality in light of the political hothouse atmosphere of the hearings. The Post reports:

When Coons wrote the letter Oct. 2, FBI officials were in the middle of conducting a new, supplemental background check on Kavanaugh — who was facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct — ahead of his confirmation vote.

“I cannot speak to the relevance or veracity of the information that many of these individuals seek to provide, and I have encouraged them to use the FBI tip portal or contact a regional FBI field office,” Coons wrote to Wray. But Stier, Coons said, “was one individual whom I would like to specifically refer to you for appropriate follow up.”

Last night, the New York Times released bombshell details of Max Stier’s allegation against Brett Kavanaugh in a book-excerpt story by two of its journalists, along with a major substantiation of similar allegations by his former classmate Debbie Ramierez.

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However, the newspaper of record forgot to explain witnesses who know the woman that Stier says he witnessed Kavanaugh assaulting doesn’t recall the incident. It’s a lengthy chain of hearsay that does dent the first-hand account of a highly credible lawyer working for a nonpartisan think tank.

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Of course, Republicans are looking to Max Stier’s background as a former attorney working on Bill Clinton’s 1990s civil lawsuits and crying foul.

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But there’s nothing overtly partisan about multiple people independently complaining to the authorities about eerily similar episodes of Kavanaugh’s allegedly drunken and unwanted penis thrusting in public while he was at Yale University.

Keep in mind that Brett Kavanaugh produced a calendar dating back to his high school years, which appeared to substantiate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s remarkably detailed recollection of the sexual battery she endured at his hands.

Now, multiple Democratic candidates for president are calling for Justice Kavanaugh’s impeachment for lying to Congress during his Senate confirmation hearings. If the House Judiciary Committee’s investigators who requested all of the Kavanaugh hearings materials last month are able to substantiate Ramirez or Steir’s allegations, then we could seriously be looking at the first Supreme Court impeachment investigation in nearly fifty years.

Original reporting by Seung Min Kim at the Washington Post and Jackie Calmes at the Los Angeles Times.

Watch Judge Kavanaugh’s unequivocal denial, which could lead to his ouster:

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