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The Secret Service is spending taxpayer money on Jet Skis because the First Family loves “water sports”

The Secret Service is spending taxpayer money on Jet Skis because the First Family loves “water sports”

The Trump family is a swirling, ever-growing financial black hole for the U.S. government. The president and his monstrous children have proven themselves to have an insatiable appetite for American tax dollars, with Trump’s golfing habits alone already racking up a bill of over $100,000,000.

Republicans like to say there’s no room in the federal budget for things like healthcare or better schools, but they have no problem with the president putting away staggering sums of money so long as he rubberstamps their preferred oligarchal legislation. Since the GOP refuses to hold the administration accountable the excessive waste and corruption are only going to spread.

Now, NBC‘s Scott McFarlane has revealed that a Secret Service memo shows the agency intends to purchase two expensive Jet Skis in order to better protect the Trumps during their recreation time down at Mar-a-Lago. Apparently, the First Family is “very active in water sports.”

According to NBC, Jet Skis that fit the Secret Service’s needs should cost at least $10,000 each. While perhaps a relatively small expense in the vast scheme of Trumpian waste and grift, it’s still money that could be better used on countless other government uses.

Disturbingly, it appears that in the past Secret Service agents have had to pay out of pocket to rent watercraft to accompany the Trumps when they got the urge to putz around on the water. In other words, the Trumps were more than willing to let the hard-working men and women who protect their lives suffer financially if it meant they could indulge themselves on the water. The depth of entitlement on display is frankly sickening.

It should go without saying that Secret Service agents should not have to personally subsidize the Trumps’ vacation whims and neither should the American people. The obvious solution is for the Trumps to simply stop wasting time and money on “water sports.” The president should be focused on running the country (even though he clearly has no knack for it) and his children shouldn’t be using any government funds beyond those absolutely necessary in ensuring their safety.

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