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Trump demands House Judiciary investigate Obama’s Netflix deal instead of his “deals”

Trump demands House Judiciary investigate Obama’s Netflix deal instead of his “deals”

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The president of distraction and “what-about-isms” is at it again.

Faced with a tsunami of investigations of his presidential campaign, his administration, his finances, and basically everything his corrupt and tiny hands touch, Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to point his diminutive digits towards other targets that he thinks congressional investigators would be better served to probe rather than continue to uncover his own misadventures.

Trump’s self-serving suggestion came in a Monday morning tweet that began with the false and misleading premise that the House Judiciary Committee “has given up on the Mueller Report,” suggesting that the committee has ceased its further probing of the multiple issues that the special counsel’s extensive investigation began to uncover.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, the committee has subpoenaed many of the witnesses to the disturbing accounts of obstruction of justice contained in Mueller’s report, only to be stymied by the Trump administration’s unconstitutional refusal to acknowledge the validity of the congressional subpoenas in a game of stalling tactics that will surely be reversed by federal courts as a further illegal act of obstruction.

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By now anyone with an iota of intelligence knows better than to believe a word that spews forth from the deranged and deceptive mind of our nominal president, so it practically goes without saying that the entirety of Trump’s characterization of the Mueller report is false — from the cost estimate which doesn’t include the over $25 million in fines and restitution paid to the government by Trump’s convicted felon of a former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, to the continued blatantly untrue claims of “ZERO COLLUSION, ZERO OBSTRUCTION” that only people who haven’t actually read the Mueller report or watched the special counsel’s congressional testimony would believe.

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It is Trump’s attempt at distraction and misdirection to try to initiate an investigation of the predecessor he envies and detests so much that is the most dangerous aspect of the president’s weasely authoritarian powerplay. Sure, former President Obama has managed to negotiate a book deal and a TV deal in his post-presidential career, just as many former presidents before him have.

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Trump’s suggestion that there is anything unseemly to be found in those deals is simply more unsubstantiated conspiracy theorizing — a/k/a made-up bull manure — that is the very definition of “what-about-ism.”

The only truth in Trump’s tweet is his statement that any investigation of Obama or the other Democrats in Congress for whom he suggests pursuing criminal investigations would be over “FAST.” That’s because there’s no “there” there and, with no wrong-doing to investigate, those inquiries would be quickly dismissed as the product of a senile and vindictive criminal mind scheming to wiggle out of his own impeachment and prosecution.

Trump’s tweets and the motivation behind them are the most transparent thing about his administration.

Hopefully, the Congressional committees in the House will ramp up their legal efforts to compel testimony from the witnesses who detailed Trump’s clear efforts to impede the investigation of his campaign’s contacts with Russia, his payoffs to the porn workers with whom he had extra-marital affairs, and his other criminal activity. Only when Trump is held accountable for his misdeeds will America be able to return to some sense of normalcy.

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