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Trump left world leaders speechless at G7 meeting with bizarre story about Kim Jong Un

Trump left world leaders speechless at G7 meeting with bizarre story about Kim Jong Un

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Have you ever been to a party and then tried everything in your power to studiously avoid someone else who was also invited before they buttonhole you to tell you the same boring and unfunny story or joke that they’ve told you a thousand times before?

If so, then you’ve apparently experienced what it is like to be a world leader who is faced with meeting Donald Trump at one international confab or another, according to a report by BuzzFeed News.

It seems like Trump has developed the reputation as that guy who insists on telling the same long, boring, and not particularly funny anecdote to the same people at one get-together after another without realizing that, yes, they have heard this one before.

What’s even worse is the content of the American president’s story — described by BuzzFeed News as “the same lengthy monologue about what a ‘great guy’ Kim Jong Un is.’

Trump apparently trotted out the story at the latest G7 summit in Biarritz, France last month when the group of international leaders was ready to get into a serious discussion about North Korea and its disturbing recent habit of launching ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan on a regular basis.

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According to sources who were present, the topic sent Trump off on a long tangent, “spending some 10 minutes rambling about his great relationship with Kim, leaving the other G7 leaders mostly speechless,” BuzzFeed News reports. That would have been bad enough, but apparently just about everyone at the table had heard the mentally-questionable American president tell the exact same story at the previous year’s G7 summit in Canada.

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The gist of Trump’s self-regarded hilarious tale is as follows, as outlined by BuzzFeed:

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“When Trump first met Kim, in Singapore in June last year, the two men talked about the tweets that Trump had posted in 2017, nicknaming the North Korean leader ‘Little Rocket Man’.”

“In Trump’s retelling, during a back-and-forth exchange about the name-calling the two men had engaged in over many months before the meeting in Singapore — ‘You called me fat… and then you called me this,’ — Kim asks Trump why he’d called him that.”

“’Don’t you know Elton John? It’s a great song,’ the president, who is a big fan of the British musician, says.”

“To which Kim responds, ‘But you called me “little”.’”

“Then comes Trump’s punchline: ‘That’s what he didn’t like!’”

The surreality of the person holding the office that was formerly considered to be the seat of power for the leader of the free world now praising one of the world’s most brutal dictators created at the very least some serious cognitive dissonance for the other global leaders at the G7.

What Trump fails to realize is that he long ago lost the respect of other world leaders who, rather than laugh with him, now likely consider him a dangerously unhinged buffoon and laugh at his deranged antics behind his back.

President Trump’s strange obsession with Kim Jong Un is now a running joke in the international community, and our nation suffers from having an ill-regarded and unrespected figurehead instead of a serious, intelligent, and thoughtful leader as his predecessor Barack Obama was viewed.

Hopefully, neither the international community or the American populace will have to suffer through his presidency for very much longer.

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Original reporting by Alberto Nardelli at BuzzFeed News.

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