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Trump tries to fend off personal enrichment allegations by promising to lose “billions” of dollars

Trump tries to fend off personal enrichment allegations by promising to lose “billions” of dollars

By now it’s abundantly clear that Donald Trump never intended his presidency as anything more than a shallow grift. Since he took office his disastrous administration has succeeded at little beyond funneling American tax dollars right into his family’s engorged pockets. It would take ages to exhaustively catalog all of the blatant instances of corruption this president has enabled.

Just last month, it was revealed that Attorney General William Barr will be spending $30,000 on a holiday party at a Trump property. To put it another way: the AG is putting money directly into the wallet of the man who appointed him to head the Justice Department. It’s hard not to see this as overt quid pro quo and it’s just one example of how this administration operates. The Trumps are pumping their position of power for every last dollar.

Not surprisingly, the president doesn’t want rampant corruption to be the narrative going into 2020. This morning, he took to Twitter and after some disingenuous potshots at the Mueller Report alleged that Democrats are manufacturing the idea that he is using the presidency to enrich himself. He said the strategy would be a “good idea” but that in actuality he is somehow losing “BILLIONS of DOLLARS.” Trump said that he always expected this to be the case, and accepted it out of what he presumably wants us to believe is a selfless devotion to the American people.

Beyond the fact that it’s obviously untrue, it’s an odd defense. What Trump is essentially implying is that he’s such an atrocious businessman that he is managing to lose massive amounts of money despite being the most powerful man in the world. It simply does not square.

Trump also threw out the laughable claim that he is the best president in decades. Any honest accounting of his tenure leads one to the conclusion that he is, in fact, the worst American president in history and will be remembered as such.

“I am far beyond somebody paying for a hotel room for the evening, or filling up a gas tank at an airport I do not own,” Trump added, presumably referencing the recent scandal in which it was revealed that U.S. military plane made unusual stops at a Trump-owned resort. Even when caught redhanded Trump continues to insist on his innocence.

Trump ended his tweet outburst by writing “Obama Netflix?” The president has become fixated on his predecessor’s deal with the streaming juggernaut, presumably because he’s jealous he didn’t receive a similar offer. He is even calling for an investigation into the Obamas despite the fact that their Netflix business is obviously aboveboard. Trump’s envy and perverse love of attacking the first black president and his family are the only things at work here.

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