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Rep. Amash says Lewandowski confirmed impeachable Trump acts from Mueller report in hearing

Rep. Amash says Lewandowski confirmed impeachable Trump acts from Mueller report in hearing

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While the one former Trump campaign manager who hasn’t yet been convicted of a felony and sent to prison displayed a woefully unpunished contempt of the congressional oversight mandate in his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee today, Corey Lewandowski couldn’t avoid incriminating Donald Trump nonetheless.

Congressman Justin Amash (I-MI) — the former Republican who left the party over his lonely status as the only GOP legislator who read the Mueller report and was convinced that the president should be impeached — watched the uncomfortably hostile proceedings today and confirmed that, despite Lewandowski’s combative and evasive testimony, the Trump insider had nevertheless affirmed the fact that Donald Trump had committed an act that rose to the level of the high crimes and misdemeanors that the Constitution requires for an impeachment process to begin.

The now-Independent representative from Michigan sarcastically thanked the bellicose former campaign manager in a tweet that harked back to the long list of reasons that Trump deserved to be impeached — a list that Amash had posted earlier this year after he finished reading the Special Counsel’s report, something that his former GOP colleagues have either refused to do or have chosen to ignore its findings.

The defecting former Republican congressman seems to realize what some of the Democrats in the House, particularly the more moderate members who represent districts that Trump won in the 2016 election, still haven’t admitted — that there is already ample evidence of the president’s obstruction of justice to justify the commencement of impeachment proceedings against him.

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Hopefully, those recalcitrant Democrats will be inspired enough by Lewandowski’s pugnacious mockery of Congress’ oversight role and general flaunting of his defiance to reconsider their positions and take a stance as brave as the Libertarian-influenced Michigan Representative’s principled position on impeachment.

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Try as they might to hide the truth and avoid consequences for their betrayal and treachery, Trump and his network of scheming associates will not escape the consequences of their criminality forever. At least Rep. Amash has the courage to point out the truth behind their evasive maneuvers now rather than waiting for a more politically convenient time.

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