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Sean Spicer invoked Jesus and animosity against Hollywood in attempt to score votes for Dancing With The Stars

Sean Spicer invoked Jesus and animosity against Hollywood in attempt to score votes for Dancing With The Stars

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been trying his best at an image rehabilitation tour after egregiously lying to the American public and willingly being the mouthpiece through which President Trump gaslit the nation, but it has not been nearly as successful as he might have hoped. An unsuccessful teaching stint at Harvard has been followed up with an appearance on Dancing With The Stars — but his pre-show antics make it clear that he regrets nothing and should never have been given the opportunity in the first place.

Responding to a tweet from former Governor Mike Huckabee which implored conservatives to vote for him and strike a blow against “Hollyweird” (groan), Sean Spicer played the Jesus card in a shameful attempt to gin up religious votes from Trump fans.

Few things illustrate the right-wing victimhood complex more beautifully than Spicer prematurely accusing the judges on Dancing With The Stars of liberal bias. It also shows how inappropriate it was for DWTS to give him a platform at all.

Sean Spicer is about as disgraced a political operative you can find that hasn’t committed some kind of heinous crime — and for good reason. He began his White House career by enabling the President’s absurd obsession with his inaugural crowd size and over the next few months happily waged the President’s war on both the free press and with reality itself. By latching himself on to Trump and selling out both his integrity and his soul, he was able to catapult himself from an unknown RNC media weenie into a national figure, and now he’s getting rewarded for his egregious lies with reality TV appearances and Harvard fellowships.

But Spicer’s Trumpian outburst proves that not only does he regret nothing about his time in the Trump administration, but he’s also fully embraced the self-entitled arrogance and appalling disregard for the truth that the entire conservative movement has appropriated from their racist carnival barker leader.

For the record, Spicer’s poor dancing and garish costume were not well received, earning only 12 out of 30 points. One judge compared his movements to “an attack by a swarm of wasps.”

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