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Trump retweets lie that Ilhan Omar celebrated 9/11 by “partying” and is immediately disproven

Trump retweets lie that Ilhan Omar celebrated 9/11 by “partying” and is immediately disproven

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Early this morning, Donald Trump retweeted a since-deleted video from conservative “comedian” Terrence K. Williams which falsely claimed that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) celebrated the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by “partying.”

Omar has become one president’s favorite targets because she’s both Muslim and a woman of color, two demographics that far too much of the Republican base feels nothing but antipathy towards. Omar is one of the four Congresswomen of color who Trump told to “go back” to where they came from. It should come as little surprise then that he is once again endorsing racist, Islamaphobic smears of the Congresswoman.

For those unfamiliar with Williams (presumably most people), he’s a Trump fanatic whose brand of humor largely consists of incoherent, bad-faith attacks on Democrats sprinkled with forced, cringe-inducing laughing. He’s the kind of grating joker who thinks that cruelly mocking transgender people or serving up the same reheated jokes about “triggering liberals” is the height of comedy. The funniest joke Williams has ever told is: “I’m a comedian.”

To say that he’s aggressively mediocre and could never build a real comedy career is to insult comedians who are actually mediocre.  Instead, he’s managed to carve out a following of MAGA maniacs who at this point are so desperate for any kind of entertainer who shares their odious political beliefs that they’ll embrace anyone who panders to them, regardless of how pathetic the jokes are.

The fact that either Twitter or Williams deleted his dishonest tweet as soon as it started to get attention is largely irrelevant since screenshots still exist.

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Trump, on the other hand, has not deleted his endorsement of Williams’s lie, even though his retweet now links to a deleted page. Of course, the president doesn’t care about the truth. He cares about inciting his hateful supporters.

Omar, never one to back down from a fight with the most powerful man in the world, responded to Trump’s retweet and explained that the clip of her “partying” that appeared in Williams’s video was not a 9/11 celebration but rather a Congressional Black Caucus event from this past weekend which was thrown to celebrate Black women in Congress. She went on to correctly accuse Trump of endangering her life by spreading vicious lies about her and called on Twitter to take action against the blatant misinformation.

MSNBC’s political analyst Zerlina Maxwell came to Omar’s defense and disproved Trump’s lie.

CNN’s Jake Tapper also defended Omar by writing up an “anatomy of a smear” which thoroughly broke down the truth.

There is perhaps no better encapsulation of Trumpism than this debacle: cynically misrepresenting a celebration of Black women serving in Congress as a celebration of terrorism, endangering the life of a Muslim public servant in the process, then refusing to apologize.

Shameful does not even begin to describe the president’s behavior. This is who he is. He will not change and so the responsibility falls to American voters to eject him from the Oval Office before his behavior gets even more people hurt.

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