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Trump tweets out anti-immigration image in Spanish and immediately gets dogpiled on Twitter

Trump tweets out anti-immigration image in Spanish and immediately gets dogpiled on Twitter

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Donald Trump has once again tweeted out a not-so-thinly-veiled racist message. This time his hateful attack came in the form of a meme written in Spanish, a language which the president does not speak and which he knows makes his bigoted white supporters uncomfortable.

The image, which he tweeted out an English and Spanish version of, depicts Trump standing in front of a border wall, a scowl on his face. “NO MÁS,” it reads in big bold letters, Spanish for “no more.”

The sentiment can and should be interpreted as a dog whistle signifying that the GOP wants “no more” Hispanic immigrants. The rest of the meme is every bit as xenophobic and once translated into English calls for “no more false asylum,” “no more catch and release,” and “no more illegal entry into the United States.” It’s the usual grab bag of reactionary immigration rhetoric and presumes that the reader has no real understanding of how our immigration system actually functions. As usual, Trump is banking on the ignorance of his fans.

Clearly,  the president intends to double down on the hatemongering that helped elect him in the first place. As 2020 approaches we can unfortunately expect more of this kind of messaging as Trump tries to whip his followers into a white panic. Things will only get worse between now and election day.

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After Trump blasted the image out to his followers, Twitter exploded with understandable anger and more than a little mockery. Many users took aim at the president’s intelligence, pointing out that he doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish and barely speaks English. Others took a simpler approach and condemned the president’s blatant racism.

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