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Trump brags about how hard he’s “hitting” the Taliban one day after murdering 30 civilians

Trump brags about how hard he’s “hitting” the Taliban one day after murdering 30 civilians

President Trump has never shown much concern for the preservation of human life during his presidency and is particularly callous when it comes to the lives of people of color. It was beyond horrifying to watch Trump refuse to take responsibility for his neglect and turned the thousands of Puerto Ricans who died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria into fuel for his petty feud with the Mayor of San Juan.

But it is truly blood-curdling to watch him turn the massacre of scores of Afghan pine-nut farmers into a delusional brag about how “scared” America’s enemies are of him.

During a press conference this morning in the Oval Office, President Trump gave a jaw-dropping boast about how he has it from “absolutely impeccable sources” that members of the Taliban are “terrified of him” because of “how hard he’s hitting them.”

One can’t help but draw the conclusion that Trump was informed about the Wednesday night airstrike in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province that killed 30 sleeping farmers and injured 40 more and either failed to comprehend that they were civilians or simply didn’t care, his rotting brain too preoccupied with what this information meant for him and his ego.

It’s true that President Trump has dramatically escalated the pace of bombing runs in Afghanistan since taking office, but there is no evidence that he has accomplished anything beyond the grim distinction of having killed more civilians than the Taliban themselves did in the first half of 2019.

Trump would go on to once again idly float the idea using nuclear weapons to end the nineteen-year war in Afghanistan, again showing a monstrous disregard for the tens of millions of people who would die if he did so.

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“We’ve been very effective in Afghanistan, and if we wanted to do a certain method of war, we would win that very quickly, but many, many, really, tens of millions of people would be killed, and we think it’s unnecessary.’

While it’s appalling to see the President speak of killing innocents like this, it’s the logical rock-bottom endpoint for a white supremacist imperial military machine that has refused for decades to come to terms with or take responsibility for the atrocities it commits.

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