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Trump tries to drag attention away from his growing Ukraine scandal by attacking Joe Biden and his son Hunter on Twitter

Trump tries to drag attention away from his growing Ukraine scandal by attacking Joe Biden and his son Hunter on Twitter

It now appears that the mysterious whistleblower complaint that dominated the news this week was over an incident in which Trump repeatedly asked the Ukrainian president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. While it’s as yet unclear if there was an explicit quid pro quo offer, the interaction represents a stunning, unprecedented abuse of presidential power. If true, President Trump was trying to exploit the Oval Office to strongarm a vulnerable, wartorn country into using its independent state powers to hurt a possible 2020 political opponent. It is an inarguably impeachable offense.

Trump, as he usually does, is now leaning into the story in an attempt to shift the focus of the coverage from his criminal behavior to Hunter Biden. The president attacked the “Fakes News Media” and the “Democrat Party” for the umpteenth time, in what must surely be becoming a tediously familiar smear for even his most diehard supporters. He alleged that both entities want to “stay as far away as possible” from covering an alleged demand in 2016 by then-Vice President that the Ukrainian government fire a prosecutor investigating his son.

The truth is, of course, far from what Trump is alleging. What actually happened was that the Obama administration, including Biden, pushed for the ousting of the Ukranian prosecutor Viktor Shokin because of credible allegations of corruption within his office. At the time, the United States was trying to get Ukraine to clean up some of the more egregious criminal elements within its government and in this regard Biden and the admin appear to have succeeded. That truth is inconvenient for Trump, so now he’s trying to smear Joe and Hunter Biden with a convoluted conspiracy theory. The credulous MAGA movement is sure to eat it up, just like they have with a long string of false stories peddled by this president.

In the same breath in, Trump insisted that the media and Democrats are attempting to “fabricate” a story about his phone call with the Ukrainian president and that it actually did occur but was “perfectly fine and routine.” He has so little faith in the American people’s intelligence that he seemingly wants us to believe the call both did and did not happen. He went on to say that he said nothing wrong during the phone call, but that Biden’s demand was a “complete and total disaster.” He accused the “Fake News” of refusing to report his manufactured scandal.

Even by Trumpian standards, this behavior is disgusting. There is something particularly odious about Trump targeting Biden’s family, given that the former VP has lived through a car crash that claimed the lives of his wife and daughter and years later had to watch his son suffer and pass away from a brain tumor.

This man must be impeached lest we risk forever abandoning the rule of law within our Republic.

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