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Trump accuses Biden of lying about his knowledge of son’s business: “Who wouldn’t speak to your son?”

Trump accuses Biden of lying about his knowledge of son’s business: “Who wouldn’t speak to your son?”

Trump’s Ukraine scandal continues to spin out of his greasy-fingered control and his hamfisted attempts at damage control only threaten to make it worse. The president stands accused of urging the Ukrainian president numerous times during a phone call to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his business dealing in the Eastern European country.

It’s as yet unclear if there was an explicit transaction offered to the wartorn country in return for the partisan political aid, but given Trump’s long history of immoral dealings it doesn’t seem unlikely. If it does turn out to be the case, it would constitute an inarguably impeachable offense. While the Republican-controlled Senate under Mitch McConnell will never have the spine to rid us of Trump, this story threatens to finish the long-gestating total delegitimization of this presidency and ruin Trump’s reelection chances.

Yesterday, the president lashed out at Biden and his son in an effort to force the media’s focus from his own alleged wrongdoing to the imagined wrongdoings of the Bidens. Not surprisingly, his tweets were less than convincing and the controversy has only worsened for him.

Today, the president spoke to reporters before his trip to Texas for an event with the Hindu nationalist Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. At one point in his rambling comments, Trump once again brought up the already-infamous phone call (which he suspiciously still has not released the transcript for). He insisted that the call was perfectly appropriate and claimed that it was about “corruption taking place” in Ukraine and smeared Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden as contributors to that corruption. The statement should be laughable to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the Trump administration as—in a few short years—it has already cemented itself as one of the most corrupt governments in American history.

From there, Trump quickly pivoted into what can only be interpreted as an example of transparent projection. According to Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs, the president accused Biden of lying when he said he didn’t discuss Hunter’s overseas business dealings with him, a perfectly reasonable contention given that, at the time, he was busy helping President Obama run the most powerful country in the world.

“I mean give me a break, he’s already said he spoke to his son and now he said yesterday very firmly. Who wouldn’t speak to your son? Of course you spoke to your son,” Trump said.

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Trump saying that a father would obviously talk to his son about important events flies directly in the face of his previous claim that he wasn’t aware of his son Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to meet in Trump Tower with surrogates of the Russian government for the express purpose of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton. Essentially, the president wants us to believe that there is no way Joe Biden wasn’t involved with the minutiae of Hunter Biden’s personal business dealings but that he himself had no idea his son Jr. was meeting with foreign adversaries to assist his presidential campaign.

It’s absurd at face value, and yet another reminder that this president cannot be trusted. This story is about presidential abuse of power and Americans must continue to hold Trump’s feet to the fire. He cannot be trusted to wield the immensely influential mechanisms of the Oval Office and must be replaced by a Democrat as soon as possible.

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