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Giuliani admits that he can’t “100%” say that Trump didn’t threaten Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son

Giuliani admits that he can’t “100%” say that Trump didn’t threaten Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son

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Trump’s Ukraine scandal is now stretching into its second week with no signs of letting up. The president himself has only managed to fan the flames of controversy by shamefully and repeatedly attacking Joe Biden and his son Hunter in a vain attempt to shift the focus away from his own inexcusable efforts to coerce the Ukrainian president into investigating Hunter to the Bidens themselves.

While we have yet to receive a conclusive answer to the question of whether or not President Trump explicitly threatened or offered quid pro quo to the Ukrainian president, it’s very much in the realm of possibility given what we know about Donald Trump’s utter lack of morality. Now, Rudy Giuliani, the president’s infamously inept and bumbling attorney, has implicitly indicated that Trump may have threatened to withhold U.S. aid to war-torn Ukraine.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Giuliani was asked directly to his face if Trump threatened such a thing.

“No, no. That was a false story,” Giuliani insisted in his trademark unconvincing tone. The reporter pushed him, asking if he could guarantee “100%” that Trump did not engage in such behavior.

“Well, I can’t tell you if it’s 100% percent,” he responded, completely undermining his—admittedly already threadbare—credibility. If he cannot say beyond a shadow of a doubt that President Trump did not exploit his office to target the family of a potential 2020 political enemy, he should not be on TV talking about it.

Furthermore, if Trump is innocent it would be a simple thing to prove, all he would have to do is release the official transcript of his phone call with the Ukranian president. The fact that he has not done so is deeply suspicious, and the fact that Giuliani can’t say for sure he didn’t threaten aid seems to indicate that Giuliani himself has not seen the transcript.

The more we learn about the story the more it seems that Trump committed an inarguably impeachable offense. The American people deserve the full truth immediately.

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