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Trump accuses Ukraine whistleblower of being a Democratic plant in paranoid Twitter outburst

Trump accuses Ukraine whistleblower of being a Democratic plant in paranoid Twitter outburst

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Even as Trump’s own team flirts with admitting that he threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine unless its president abused his powers to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, Trump himself continues to spit out misinformation and smears to muddy the waters around what really happened. Increasingly, it appears that the President of the United States abused the powers of the Oval Office to damage the election chances of a political rival. One need not be a Constitutional scholar to realize that this would be an ironclad case for impeachment if it turned out to be the case.

In the meantime, Trump has once again taken to Twitter to engage in a baseless attack against Biden. Quoting the insufferably obsequious and dishonest former Congressman Devin Nunes on Fox & Friends, Trump boosted the lie that Biden did that which Trump is accused of doing. The reality is that Biden did not threaten the Ukrainian government for personal gain and has not been accused of such by any credible source. Instead, Biden worked on behalf of the Obama administration to convince Ukraine to fire a prosecutor whose office was accused of rampant corruption. Such an action was in the interests of both of the United States and Ukraine itself. Trump, on the other hand, has been accused of an outright criminal act which would have been to the detriment of both countries.

The president claimed his rivals are “stone cold Crooked,” which is really an apt description of everyone serving in his administration. He also attacked the whistleblower who filed the original complaint about his phone call with the Ukranian president and alleged that he “doesn’t know the correct facts.” Trump failed to clarify what the “correct facts” are. It’s worth mentioning that if the president did have a genuine interest in informing the American people of the facts all he would have to do is release the transcript of the phone call in question. His failure to do so is deeply suspicious.

Trump ended his Twitter outburst by implying that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and his fellow Democrats are the ones behind the whistleblower complaint. The president wants us to believe that the whistleblower is a partisan plant and that he or she would risk their career and reputation to give the Democratic Party a new line of attack against a president who already has a long string of scandals and alleged crimes weighing him down.

It’s a ludicrous accusation that only the most braindead MAGA maniac would believe and the fact that this pathetic defense is the best Trump can conjure up makes his guilt seem all the more likely. The truth will emerge soon and the safe bet is that it will be incredibly damaging to this mess of a presidency.

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