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Trump calls Pelosi in Hail Mary attempt to “work something out” on Whistleblower scandal

Trump calls Pelosi in Hail Mary attempt to “work something out” on Whistleblower scandal

Donald Trump will need a masterpiece if he expects to use the “art of the deal” to escape impeachment over his latest attempt at enlisting foreign interference by admittedly asking the Ukranian government to investigate one of his top Democratic rivals and help him the president win re-election in 2020.

Yet, according to NBC political correspondent Heidi Przybyla, that is exactly what Trump tried to do today in the rapidly unfolding scandal that was initiated by an intelligence community whistleblower who notified his Inspector General of a “credible,” yet-to-be-fully-revealed, matter of “urgent” national security concern.

According to Przybyla, Trump allegedly called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier today — presumably before she formally announced the beginnings of impeachment proceedings against the lawless president — to ask “if they could work something out on this whole whistleblower thing.”

It is the type of call that a shady real estate mogul would make to a city inspector when it’s discovered that substandard materials had been used in the construction of one of his buildings or that their newest tower exceeded the permitted height by several stories.

The transactional president doesn’t seem to understand the seriousness of his violations not just of the law, but of the integrity of our political system as he tries a “Hail Mary” pass to the end zone in a desperate attempt to avoid the consequences of his patently illegal maneuvers.

Nor does he seem to realize that after publicly admitting guilt, it’s impossible to stuff the impeachment genie back into the bottle.

Either the president seems to think that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s morals have degraded to a subterranean level as low as his own and is thus open to horse-trading  — “Keep me out of prison and I won’t repeal Obamacare”— or Trump believes that he has enough leverage to offer something so tantalizing to the Democratic leadership that it is an offer that they can’t refuse, no matter how odious the person attempting the transaction may be.

Judging from Speaker Pelosi’s subsequent announcement of the official launch of an impeachment investigation — as opposed to the ineffective exploratory “impeachment-lite” probes that have been in operation so far — neither of those situations appears to be true, much to the California Democrat’s credit.

Przybyla reported that Pelosi actually replied to Trump’s approach by saying, “Yes, you can tell your people to obey the law.”

Trump’s mobster lingo and approach are indicative of both his personality and his slippery moral compass as he faces the fight of his career.

His attempt at wheeling and dealing his way out of his predicament shows that his well-earned nickname of “the king of bankruptcy” includes dominion over moral bankruptcy as well.

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