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Trump attacks whistleblower’s lawyer’s past Biden donations despite also having donated to Biden

Trump attacks whistleblower’s lawyer’s past Biden donations despite also having donated to Biden

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Donald Trump’s inept and stumbling defense of his attempt to extort the Ukranian government into helping his re-election campaign has hit yet another snag.

The president has used every method available to spin the latest scandal into which his administration has purposefully blundered as successfully as he and his minions had gaslighted the American public about the actual contents of the Mueller report before it was available for everyone to read — or ignore, as the vast majority of people unfortunately did.

His public statements about the scandal — which originated with a complaint from an unidentified whistleblower within the intelligence community — have been filled with denials, lies, and Trump’s favorite vintage whine: Democrats have conjured a phony witch hunt.

Even though Trump has been busy delivering somnambulistic addresses to the United Nations, the president has still found time to post his usual pugnacious tweets in barely credible defenses of his actions and attacks on his opponents on social media.

Pulling a page from his leftover strategy book from his attacks on the FBI agents investigating his campaign’s connections to Russia, Trump tweeted an insinuating post suggesting that the whistleblower who ratted on him had partisan motives since they had hired an attorney who had once made a contribution to Democrat Joe Biden.

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Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

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CNN‘s Jake Tapper saw Trump using the tired tactic of false equivalency and “what-about-isms” and had the perfect response to the president’s latest weasel move.

By including a link to Trump’s prior record of political contributions, Tapper exposed the president’s contributions to not only Joe Biden but to a range of politicians from both sides of the aisle, including some of his favorite future nemeses, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Also on his donation list were such Democratic luminaries as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, former presidential candidate John Kerry, and former Connecticut Senator Chirs Dodd.

Judging from Trump’s practice of the theory of guilt by political association, it looks like an investigation into the motivations of the suspicious donor is in order. If anyone who donated to Biden is automatically under suspicion, then Congress should start an inquiry into Trump immediately. Oh, wait, they already have.

One would hope that Jake Tapper’s exposure of the president’s hypocrisy would get Trump to stop his distractive finger-pointing. It’s unlikely, however, that that old dog has any new tricks to learn and, at his advanced age, any attempt at behavioral changes are likely to end in recidivism.

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