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Trump issues bizarre typo-riddled tweet about CNN correcting his spelling of the word little: “Liddle’, not Liddle”

Trump issues bizarre typo-riddled tweet about CNN correcting his spelling of the word little: “Liddle’, not Liddle”

This morning, President Trump blasted out one of his most embarrassing tweets in quite some time. As the impeachment inquiry stemming from his possibly criminally coercive conversation with the Ukrainian president picks up steam, Trump is all but certain to mentally and emotionally unravel, a prediction which today’s bizarre message only strengthens.

Trump claimed that his incredibly childish tweet yesterday—in which he referred to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, as “Liddle’ Adam Schiff”—has been unfairly maligned by the “LameStream Media.” The president said that CNN reported on the tweet but intentionally removed the “hyphen” from “Liddle'” so that they could accuse him of spelling “little” wrong.

First of all, there was no hyphen after “Liddle” in Trump’s original teet, there was an apostrophe. Clearly, our infamously reading averse president doesn’t know the difference between the two completely different punctuation marks. His pathetic attempt at defending his own intelligence ended up having the exact opposite result of what he intended.

Second, even with the apostrophe “little” is not spelled with two d’s. Now, there’s a chance that he was simply going for a silly phonetic spelling of the word but given his well-documented difficulties with the English language, one can’t rule out the possibility that he simply accidentally misspelled the word. In any case, any reporting that he “spelled the word little wrong” would have been correct. Because he did.

On top of the confused “liddle” stuff, Trump also managed to stuff an entirely new typo into his tweet as he misspelled the word “describing” as “discribing.” The tweet is a mess from top to bottom, and yet another reminder of what an absolute joke our president is.

It’s also worth digging into the fact that this of all things is what Trump decided to focus on as his presidency implodes around him. The man’s ego is so absurdly fragile that he can’t let even the smallest imagined slight or indignity slide. His scattered attention is sure to be a boon for the Democrats as the impeachment inquiry proceeds and they laser in on his myriad misdeeds. This man is not well and he shows no signs of improving any time soon.

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