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Trump singles out Jewish and female members of Congress in Saturday tweets: They are “savages”

Trump singles out Jewish and female members of Congress in Saturday tweets: They are “savages”

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Donald Trump’s delusional sense of victimhood continues to obsess the punch-drunk president as he engaged in a morning Twitterstorm marked by a number of short, all caps, exclamation point-laden posts.

First, however, Trump asked the public to engage in an exercise of their imaginations.

Since the president is asking us to embark on a flight of imaginative fancy, it’s difficult not to linger on fantasies of an imminent day when we will no longer have to open our Twitter feeds to find Trump’s malignant, mendacious posts, but, in the meantime, parsing the mental regurgitation of his chaotic thought processes and translating them to reveal their true significance remains a daily obligation for political observers.

Trump has resorted to referring to his Democratic opposition using the same terms he usually reserves for refugees, immigrants, and residents of those “shithole” countries he loves to demean, naming specifically the heads of the committees he fears the most — the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees — and the “squad” of progressive female freshman congresswomen he has been trying to turn into the bogeymen to frighten his right-wing base. That the people he chose to name specifically were either Jewish or women of color betrays his inherent bigotry.

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Trump’s most laughable fallacy in this particular tweet is the concept that the Republicans did not treat President Obama with an undeserved contempt and constant opposition — as the phony and despicable birther movement for which Trump became the figurehead, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) invented partisan excuse for denying Obama’s choice to fill an empty Supreme Court seat, and the multiple hearings on Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s email so amply demonstrate as false.

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The president’s attempt to portray the Democrats as “Do Nothings” is equally fallacious, since the truth remains that all of the many legislative initiatives that have been passed by House Democrats have been stalled in the Senate by Majority Leader McConnell’s refusal to even bring them up for consideration to avoid having Senate Republicans be forced to go on record as opposing popular bills on gun reform, and multiple other issues.

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Trump’s next few tweets were short exclamations as if he woke up from a fever dream screaming and merely tweeted out what he was shouting as he regained his chaotic consciousness.

It’s as if Trump were tweeting slogans to be emblazoned on his campaign merchandise, making sure to keep the phrases short enough to fit on a hat or t-shirt. Or perhaps his brain has melted down sufficiently that short phrases are all his spinning head can manage at this point.

Trump went silent after the brief morning tweet session, most likely locked in strategy sessions to scheme about how to extract himself from a process that could eventually land him locked up, as he so frequently called for his opponents to be.

Deep down, Trump knows that he’s now a cornered rat. His faith in his own ability to lie and weasel his way out of any prior predicament and the support of a dwindling deluded base of followers are the only reason he has not yet tendered his almost inevitable resignation. That and the likelihood of immediate indictment once his presidential immunity is gone.

Expect the tweets to be even more desperate and deranged going forward.

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