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Ocasio-Cortez torches Republican House Minority Leader as a “bumbling, sloppy, dishonest mess” after his 60 Minutes interview

Ocasio-Cortez torches Republican House Minority Leader as a “bumbling, sloppy, dishonest mess” after his 60 Minutes interview

Over the weekend, Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) shared a clip from the new 60 Minutes interview with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, slamming him as incompetent and dishonest. The video certainly supports Amash’s characterization of McCarthy as it shows him to be rambling and evasive when confronted over Trump’s efforts to coerce the Ukrainian president into investigating Joe and Hunter Biden. It’s clear that McCarthy wants to defend the president but has no idea how to go about justifying such an overtly corrupt act. The result is a confused, embarrassing mess.

McCarthy’s claim that Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) wouldn’t have announced an impeachment inquiry if she’d had access to the transcript of the Ukraine call sooner is utterly absurd. The transcript in no way vindicates the president and in fact shows Trump subtextually pushing for an illegal quid pro quo with the Ukrainian president. An honest reading of the transcript argues for, not against, impeachment.

At one point, host Scott Pelley pushed back against McCarthy’s tepid argument, pointing out that the Leader was parroting the official talking points penned and accidentally released by the White House. McCarthy, in turn, insisted unconvincingly that he has never seen a single talking point from the White House, an incredibly dubious contention coming from such a high-ranking party member.

If a Democrat were to give such a disastrous interview they would be excoriated by the right-wing media. Now, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has taken to Twitter to point out the double standard. She said it’s “wild” that people “crawled” over her own 60 Minutes interview looking for any excuse to discredit her and paint her as “unfit” but yet somehow McCarthy gets away with being a “bumbling, sloppy, dishonest mess” whose “mediocrity is accepted as a matter of course.”

It’s no coincidence that Ocasio-Cortez, as a woman of color, is held to a higher, unfair standard.  Every single thing she does is blown out of proportion and warped by conservative media outlets to make her seem ignorant, evil, or both. Meanwhile one of the highest-ranking Republicans in our government can get away with a completely nonsensical defense of illicit presidential action. It’s a bad joke and one that AOC should be commended for calling out.

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