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A mouse fell out of the White House ceiling onto reporters and Twitter is loving it

A mouse fell out of the White House ceiling onto reporters and Twitter is loving it

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The sky is falling for the Trump administration and apparently now so is the ceiling. Earlier today, White House reporters were shocked when a mouse dropped down into the press booth from above. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports that the little vermin literally landed in his lap.

The assembled reporters quickly banded together to find the creature, but appear to have had little success. Even so, they were clearly having a grand time on their impromptu mouse hunt, affording them some much-needed levity and a distraction from the at times crushing grimness of covering the Trump administration. The smiles and laughter were downright infectious.

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This is, of course, an incredibly light-hearted news story, but it also managed to bring some long-simmering anger at President Trump bubbling back to the surface.

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Some critics were quick to point out the irony of mice in the White House when Trump is on record smearing the entire city of Baltimore as “rat and rodent infested mess.” Rodent infestations actually seem to be a recurring problem for Donald Trump. His Trump Tower Grille was previously cited as having a “live mice” problem.

With these facts in mind, it’s hardly surprising that the mouse story led to a massive outpouring of mockery aimed at the administration. Some offered nicknames for the creature while others drew the obvious connection between mice and rats, the latter of which have metaphorically infested this administration, as evinced by the constant leaking.

As far as symbolic news stories go, this one is incredibly on the nose, which is precisely why it is so delightful.

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