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The Finnish president publicly urges Trump to keep American democracy “going on”

The Finnish president publicly urges Trump to keep American democracy “going on”

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American democracy is in crisis. Thanks to a brave whistleblower, Donald Trump has been caught redhanded trying to abuse the powers of the Oval Office to strongarm the President of Ukraine, a wartorn foreign nation, into opening up an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter in the hopes of damaging a possible 2020 opponent.

On top of this clearly impeachable corruption, the president has essentially turned the Department of Justice into an arm of his reelection campaign. Attorney General Barr, one of the most dishonorable men to ever hold his prestigious position, is an obedient Trump lapdog who seems incapable of turning down an order from his boss no matter how flagrantly lawless it might be.

Put bluntly, Donald Trump represents an existential threat to our Republic. He has proven that he has no qualms about completely corrupting our government from top to bottom in order to solidify his own power and enrich himself and his family. If he is able to continue operating like this it’s entirely possible that he will manage to undermine our future elections and perhaps even pursue his dreams of an unconstitutional third term.

Apparently, Americans aren’t the only ones worried about the wobbling foundations of our time-honored political institutions. During a press conference with Trump today, Finnish President Sauli Väinämö Niinistö complimented our “great democracy” and then urged Trump to, “Keep it going on.”

The implication seemed to be that he fears there’s a chance that Trump might end our sacred system as we know it. While it was a subtle moment, it should nonetheless be commended. Standing up to the most powerful man in the world is no small thing.

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Not long after, a reporter asked the Finnish president about his democracy remark and if he is, in fact, concerned that there is a risk of American democracy ending. Before he could even answer the question, Trump jumped in and rambled, clearly trying to prevent Niinistö from saying anything that could be politically damaging for himself.

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Niinistö eventually got a word in and clarified that he is “impressed” with American democracy. While it might seem like he was backtracking from his earlier jab, it’s worth noting that his first instinct wasn’t to definitively state that he is not worried about what the Trump administration is doing to our Republic. He can hardly be blamed for his obliqueness. If he were to double down and more bluntly criticize Trump’s actions he would be endangering his entire country’s relationship with the United States.

President Trump ended the press conference shortly after Niinistö’s comments.

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