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Trump childishly made a crude jockstrap joke about House Intel chair in front of Finnish president

Trump childishly made a crude jockstrap joke about House Intel chair in front of Finnish president

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President Trump continued his puerile vendetta with House Intelligence chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) during an Oval Office press conference today with the Prime Minister of Finland.

It would appear that Schiff’s efforts to depose the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his staff as part of the impeachment hearings against Trump has caught the president’s attention and his ire. For the second time today, Trump defended Pompeo and childishly trashed Schiff, this time by saying that Schiff couldn’t “hold his blankstrap.”

“We don’t call him shifty Schiff for nothing, he’s a shifty, dishonest guy, who by the way, was critical of one of the great secretaries of states, graduated No. 1 in his class at West Point, graduated one of the top in his class at Harvard Law School — the most honorable person…

You know, there’s an expression, [Schiff] couldn’t carry [Pompeo’s] ‘blank’ strap, I won’t say it because they’ll say it was so terrible to say, but that guy couldn’t carry his ‘blank’ strap, do you understand that?” sneered Trump to the assembled media.

Earlier this morning, Trump had taken to Twitter and slammed Schiff as a “lowlife” for paraphrasing the president’s phone transcript in Congressional testimony and said that he couldn’t measure up to Mike Pompeo.

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For the record, Schiff also graduated from Harvard Law School.

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It is beyond disgraceful to see the president speak so crudely of one of our nation’s most devoted patriots, a man who has spent the past three years relentlessly digging into the cyberwarfare campaign perpetrated by the Russians into the 2016 election and the allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with them to tilt that election in Trump’s favor. Trump proves more and more with each passing day just how unfit he is to lead this nation.

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