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Trump’s presser with Finnish leader turns into wild rant slamming the media, Obama, and judiciary

Trump’s presser with Finnish leader turns into wild rant slamming the media, Obama, and judiciary

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How much does Donald Trump hate the media? Enough to excoriate them directly while in the middle of a question and answer session with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö sitting right beside him.

Trump started his rant by complaining that the press refused to cover his victory in a court case striking down a California statute that would have prevented his name from appearing on the primary ballot in that state unless he first disclosed his tax returns. It was a provision that also applied to every other candidate who would want to run in the California primary.

Trump began by first denouncing California’s “do nothing” governor Gavin Newsome then claiming that the decision was made by “a very tough, smart, highly respected Judge, not a Trump person at all, not appointed by Trump, appointed by somebody that you would call the opposition.”

That last bit was particularly telling about the president’s attitude toward the leaders of the Republican party before he arrived on the scene since the judge in question — US District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. of the Eastern District of California — was appointed by George W. Bush.

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Trump then went on to complain that he hadn’t seen one story about his legal victory in the media, although the link above proves that he must not have looked very hard.

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Given that the media has largely been covering the increasing likelihood of his impeachment in the wake of the rapidly unfolding Ukraine scandal, any lack of focus on the president’s pyrrhic victory in a case that will allow him to participate in a California primary in which he may not even still be able to compete if he truly is held accountable for his criminal actions is completely understandable to anyone but Trump.

After calling out individual reporters by name for not writing about his court win, Trump turned to condemn the Democratic leadership who are working diligently to complete the investigations that will inevitably lead to the drafting of articles of impeachment.

“Nancy Pelosi…and ‘Shifty” Schiff[t], who should resign for…in disgrace, by the way, and Jerry Nadler and all of them, it’s a disgrace what’s going on. And we should be focused on making America great again and keeping America great because that’s what we have to do.”

Trump then went on to describe his conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky as “perfect” for the umpteenth time, as if the endless repetition of the adjective would somehow transform the evidence of his crime of soliciting foreign interference in the upcoming election into a benign act like bleach would remove a stain from a bloodied white sheet.

He continued with a lament that the Democrats have been trying to impeach him for three years — another provable lie.

“Thay’ve been trying to impeach me since the day i got elected, And you know what, they failed. And this is the easiest one of all because this one is based on one conversation,” Trump falsley claimed before defining the very essense of “what-about-ism.”

“What about Obama’s conversation with the president of Russia where he says ‘Hey, hey, tell Vlad I’ll talk to him when the election’s over, I’ll talk to him…” Nobody reports that, right?”

The president seems to think that the job of the free press is to disseminate his lunatic fantasies to convince Americans that his imaginary views of reality are the truth and to refrain from illuminating the tangle corruption and lies with which he has desecrated the Oval Office.

If he was hoping to convince the media to do his bidding, Trump certainly chose the vinegar approach rather than slathering them with honeyed praise.

“You people should be ashamed of yourself! We have the most dishonest media that you can imagine and you should be ashamed of yourself,’ Trump concluded his rant as the Finnish President sat nest to him, likely biting his tongue.

The sight of the shameless president invoking ignominy towards reporters who report daily on his offenses — offenses that would have led any other president to commit ritual suicide out of the horror of public reprehension — would be laughable if it were not so dangerous and frankly pathetic.

Trump’s attempts at deflection and finger-pointing towards his opponents are growing increasingly wearisome and ineffective as the hard evidence of his crimes mounts. If seppuku is not in the picture, then resignation certainly should be.

You can watch the president rant away in the video clip below.

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