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Trump floats the idea of being president for sixteen more years during unhinged Florida appearance

Trump floats the idea of being president for sixteen more years during unhinged Florida appearance

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As his presidency continues to implode in slow motion all around him, Donald Trump is lashing out more than ever. He is absolutely terrified of losing his increasingly slippery grip on power. Even if he somehow manages to avoid getting impeached and removed from office, the Democratic field poised to take him on in 2020 is strong and diverse while the entire GOP is becoming more and more defined by the regime’s rampant corruption.

Today, Trump launched a desperate attack on Democrats at an event in Florida, calling the 2020 candidates “maniacs” in a lazy effort to smear them with a broad brush.

“The last administration, frankly, was moderate compared to the maniacs that you’re hearing from today. These are maniacs,” the president said, clearly oblivious to the irony of him, a rapidly unraveling lunatic, referring to anyone as a “maniac.”

“Elizabeth. Pocahontas. Warren,” Trump went on, reusing his favorite racist nickname for the prominent presidential candidate. “You know when I used to hit her I thought she was gone. I thought she was gone. She came up from the ashes. She emerged. Now we’re probably gonna have to do it again because I don’t see ‘Sleepy Joe’ making it I’ll tell ya. No, I thought she was gone,” he went on, seemingly concerned about her now that she is quickly rising in the polls.

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At one point, Trump said the country will “go to hell” if Democrats seize the White House. He then began flirting once again with the idea of running for an unconstitutional third term. When some audience members yelled “four more years” the president responded with enthusiasm and riffed on his disturbing authoritarian fantasies. He brought up some unnamed individual who voiced concerns about Trump ever leaving the White House and played such concerns off as ludicrous before really digging into the idea.

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“If you want to drive them crazy just say eight more years or twelve more years. Sixteen. Sixteen would do it good,” the president said, trying to play it off as a joke even though his constant floating of the idea seems far more like a trial balloon than jest. “You’d really drive them into the loony bin. And that’s why they do the impeachment crap because they know they can’t beat us fairly. That’s the only reason they’re doing it. They can’t win. If they won, it will be a sad day for our country,” he added.

This kind of rhetoric should not be lightly brushed off, no matter how playful Trump tries to make it sound. He is an utterly lawless president, with no respect for our democratic norms. We can not presume that there is a single boundary he won’t cross if given the chance. Impeachment is the only way forward.

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