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Mitt Romney hits Trump over his China and Ukraine scandals: “wrong and appalling”

Mitt Romney hits Trump over his China and Ukraine scandals: “wrong and appalling”

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The more we learn about Donald Trump’s abuses of office the clearer it becomes that he must be impeached and removed from office as quickly as constitutionally possible. The man is openly using the powers of the Oval Office to convince foreign countries to dig up dirt on his political rivals, marking a hard turn into dictatorial politics unprecedented in American history.

While it seems likely that the Democratically-controlled House will have no problem impeaching him thanks to the mountains of evidence, it’s an almost foregone conclusion that the Republicans in the Senate will circle the wagons around Trump and keep him in power. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already given the game away by starting to fundraise off impeachment, telling his GOP base that they need him in control of the Senate in order to protect Trump. The fact that he’s already announcing his intention to let the president off the hook before all the facts of Trump’s misdeeds have been explored shows how fundamentally mercenary and lawless he is.

History will reflect poorly on those Republicans who refuse to stand up for our Republic and instead cynically throw their lot in with Donald J. Trump. They will be remembered as men and women who chose their own political careers and reelection prospects over the future of this country.

One Republican senator who appears to be at least flirting with the idea of breaking ranks is Mitt Romney (UT). The former presidential candidate took to Twitter and criticized Trump for asking China to investigate Joe Biden.

“When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that this is anything other than politically motivated,” wrote Romney, demonstrating more courage than most of his fellow Republicans but still less than is needed in this moment. Nothing less than a full-throated call for impeachment will suffice.

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He followed the first tweet up with a second.

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“By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling,” wrote Romney.  “Wrong” and “appalling” don’t even begin to describe this president’s incredibly corrupt behavior, but it’s a decent start. Hopefully, Romney manages to hold onto his conscience while he searches for his spine. If he comes out stronger against Trump, others might follow.

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