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Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Republicans after pro-Trump plant suggests we should “start eating babies”

Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Republicans after pro-Trump plant suggests we should “start eating babies”

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Last night, a video of Representative Alexandria-Ocasio (D-NY) meeting with constituents went viral on right-wing Twitter, blasted out by habitually dishonest conservative hacks like Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire. 

In it, a woman stands up and begins ranting about climate change to AOC, launching into a truly bizarre bit about how mankind will have to begin “eating babies” in order to cut down on CO2 emissions. She even removed her jacket to reveal a shirt with her absurd slogan emblazoned across it. As the woman rambled on,  AOC stood there quietly waiting for her to finish, the correct approach considering it was difficult to tell if the woman was trolling or truly mentally unwell.

Republicans immediately tried to paint AOC’s relative silence as a tacit endorsement of the crazed woman’s comments or cowardice, as bad faith an argument as you’re likely to find. Trump himself even retweeted the video and called AOC a “whack job,” a particularly rich insult coming from someone as demonstrably unstable as him. The efforts to blame the woman’s weird words on Ocasio-Cortez were widespread and ridiculous.

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The video spread throughout the tendrils of the conservative Twittersphere quickly, eventually coming to the attention of writer Matthew Sweet, who immediately identified the “eat babies” lady as a likely plant from the fringe pro-Trump LaRouche political movement, a group which often pulls stunts such as this. Sweet gave a quick rundown of some of the truly outlandish beliefs held by these people and in the process made it clear that AOC’s decision not to engage with the ludicrous woman was the correct approach.

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Ocasio-Cortez saw Sweet’s well-researched breakdown and took to Twitter to explain why she chooses to de-escalate rather than antagonize in situations such as the one captured in the video.

She followed it up with another tweet later in the day and joked that she was able to keep her cool while facing the amateurish Trump plant because she’s used to dealing with far worse on the NYC subway. As usual, she demonstrated her ability to keep her cool even in the face of overwhelming Republican smear attacks. The mere fact that conservatives are forced to rely on idiotic stunts like this to attack Democrats is a sure sign they are running out of not only defenses but ideas altogether.

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