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As his own impeachment looms, Trump demands Mitt Romney be impeached

As his own impeachment looms, Trump demands Mitt Romney be impeached

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On Saturday afternoon, President Trump took to Twitter and continued his feud against Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who became one of the first prominent Republicans to criticize the president for his “wrong and appalling” appeals for China and Ukraine to open investigations into rival Joe Biden.

Trump, who is facing an impeachment inquiry over his phone call with the Ukrainian president in which he asked for dirt on Joe Biden, decided to turn the tables and demanded that…somebody…impeach Mitt Romney instead. (NOTE: Senators cannot be impeached. But you probably knew that already.)

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

Romney is currently rocking a 40% disapproval rating in Utah but isn’t up for re-election for another five years, having just taken office this January.

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Earlier in the day, Trump had slammed Romney for being a “pompous ass” who “begged him” for a cabinet position and mocked him for his 2012 election loss to Barack Obama.

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The childish barrage of insults comes the day after Romney tweeted the most direct criticism of Trump’s obvious corruption from a Senate Republican:

How Utah Republicans react to the war of words between their president and junior Senator could largely determine whether more Republicans choose to come out forward in defense of our nation’s laws.

The president’s fixation on Mitt Romney-bashing is an indication that the comments from a fellow Republican have both infuriated and disturbed him at a time in which the President is feeling particularly insecure in his position. Notorious for the fury which he unloads on anyone who dares criticize him, Trump has spent the past week desperately lashing out at all of his enemies on both sides of the aisle. He’s a man consumed with frustration and fear, and it’s safe to assume he’s going to grow even more unhinged as the impeachment process plays out.

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