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While Trump accuses Biden’s son of corruption, Eric Trump tries and fails to get Scottish real estate deal

While Trump accuses Biden’s son of corruption, Eric Trump tries and fails to get Scottish real estate deal

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While President Trump has spent weeks trashing the Biden family for their son Hunter taking advantage of his father’s connections to snag a cushy seat on the board of a Ukranian gas company, he somehow doesn’t see any problem with his own children profiting off his presidency in foreign countries.

Or attempting to, anyway. The Trump boys are not nearly as good at business as they would like to have you believe, since Scotland has refused to allow the Trump Organization to turn the farmland around the Trump Turnberry golf resort into golf villas and condos. In typical Trump Organization fashion, Turnberry has lost $40 million since the Trumps bought it in 2014, and they’re desperate for anything to stop the hemorrhage of money.

But apparently Scotland doesn’t have faith in the Trump Organization’s “excellent track record of investment in the area” and rejected Eric Trump’s pitch. The Scotsman reports that local authorities decided that “we will protect existing golf courses and . . . will not generally allow development which we consider may negatively affect the status of Turnberry” and that the area would “will remain zoned as prime agricultural land, deemed unsuitable for housing.”

Turnberry is already a hotbed for Trump family corruption, with the Pentagon having already spent staggering $185,000 of taxpayer funds to lodge military flight crews at the resort while Air Force planes go out of their way to refuel at the local Prestwick airport.

For Trump to make such a big stink over the admittedly questionably ethical perks that Hunter Biden enjoys while his own children are attempting to make international real estate deals and bilking the American taxpayer out of hundreds of thousands of dollars is the height of hypocrisy, and it would be nice to see the Biden campaign make a bigger stink about this flagrant corruption by the President’s children.

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Original reporting by Tim Dickinson at Rolling Stone.

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