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Fox News’s Political Editor on Trump impeachment inquiry: “The president confessed on television.”

Fox News’s Political Editor on Trump impeachment inquiry: “The president confessed on television.”

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As the impeachment inquiry into President Trump heats up, one of the more interesting things to watch will be how Fox News covers the proceedings. The conservative network has essentially turned into an overt propaganda machine for Trump across the board but there are still a few pockets of sanity left, Shep Smith being a prime example. Most of the other talking heads flatly refuse to admit that the president has done anything wrong even as the stories of blatant corruption pile up.

We know that Trump tried to exploit the power of the Oval Office to coerce the Ukrainian president to open a damaging investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter ahead of the 2020 election. The abuse of office is right there in black and white in the transcript of the phone call released by the White House. If such an act is not impeachable, nothing is. Democrats have no choice but to vote to impeach even if the craven Republicans controlling the Senate ultimately refuse to hold Trump accountable.

After a certain point, Fox’s continued defenses of the president’s behavior will be rendered even more absurd than they are now. Then these conservative pundits will have to choose between finally turning their back on this man, the worst leader to ever inflict his presence on this country, or going down with his ship.

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

Earlier today, a Fox News panel broke down the media coverage of the impeachment inquiry. America’s Newsroom host Bill Hemmer chose to shill for the president and pushed the idea that impeachment inquiry is a hurried, partisan stratagem. Rather than let the Republican spin go unchallenged, Fox News Political Editor Chris Stirewalt put his foot down for the truth.

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“We are early in this process, number one. And number two, the whistleblower doesn’t matter anymore. Right? The whistleblower is substantially irrelevant. The president confessed on television. He said, ‘I did it,’ and then he added China to it, which sort of obviates the question about is there a whistleblower, isn’t there a whistleblower,” said Stierwalt. He was referring to Trump’s latest impeachable offense when he went in front of cameras and requested China investigate the Bidens.

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“The press needs stuff every day to feed the bulldog. Every day you gotta make a living out there, and every day you need something to try to move this story forward, but right now, it all looks pretty simple,” he added. “There are enough Democrats to vote to impeach the president, I’m sure, and they’re gonna impeach him on something that’s pretty straightforward.”

Stirewalt is almost certainly correct. Democrats have more than enough evidence to impeach Trump and it is their sacred constitutional duty to just that.

Watch the clip here.

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